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Persona 3 Portable Revealed Now with Heroine

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Persona 3 Portable Revealed Now with Heroine

Yes, I know I'm late in posting this.

It's revealed that Atlus will be bringing the 3 year old Persona 3 game to the PSP dubbed, "Persona 3 Portable" on November 1st in Japan complete with new content.

Besides reminding readers of what the original game's system was like, the latest issue of Famitsu reveals the new features and changes include...

  • 5 difficulty levels - Beginner, Easy, Normal, Hard and Maniacs.
  • Players can choose a new female heroine voiced by Marina Inoue (Kana Minami from Minamike). If playing as her, a new "mysterious" assistant also appears in the Velvet Room who, replaces Elizabeth I presume.
  • New music, events and character illustrations.
  • Sub menu to jump between areas quickly.
  • Control party members directly.

Persona 3 Portable


Looks like this will also be getting a downloadable version for the new PSP Go too which lacks a UMD drive.

Some people are saying Atlus is "milking" P3 but, I think it's great to have a portable version because I never actually bought the two PS2 games since I don't own a PS2. I did pick up the full soundtracks and fanbooks though. I will definitely pick this up but hope there's a Japan exclusive limited edition available to make it even more worthwhile ^^;

When I first saw this, I thought the new heroine was Yukari and the new Velvet Room assistant was Akihiko... Maybe they're both going to say, "Hey! You look just like me!" Maybe Yukari and the heroine are lost twins even. I'm pretty curious to see what the alternative opening will look like and how she arrives to the city. Will she be sporting that typical cute Anime girl look at the station?

P3P Changes and Features

Either way, I guess I'll be playing as the heroine since I know what happens with the hero already...

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let me get this straight... you can play either as Minato or Minako in this game..? and then the sea of doors and other s. Links, new events, new characters, Persona 4-like all-out attacks... other char taking blows for you... new quests...

hmmm... what does that tells us?
start saving money everyone!!! this game is a pack of good fun AND good graphics!!! Good storylines too...
good thing i received a PSP for my b-day gift this year...
but, if only there is an english version of it...T_T



Xcomp Author

Hmmm, you misunderstood. Made it less ambiguous now. It will be available on UMD and downloadable format =)




I never got around to playing the persona games on the ps2 but i don't like the fact that this game is download only. I like having the physical umb disk and this better not happen for more games in the future :/



Xcomp Author

Borrowed my brother's for a while ^^;




If you didnt have a ps2 how did you play the P3 and P4 borrowed from a friend?



Silver moon arisato

hm... maybe i will play Minako ( i mean Female MC ) First because i want to know her story then i will play Minato



Xcomp Author

People are guessing there will be a bit of character swapping.

And yeah... Could be space restrictions. We'll find out when someone dumps a copy on the net or when there's something about it on the blog ^^;

You're right. Fixed... Me and my mistakes ^^;

All I read was "characters with new graphics" so I don't know. Even if there were new events for the hero, it's probably not much... I don't want to do a second 90 hour play through just to see what the heroine's Anime cutscenes are like ^^;




I heard they did add some extra contents to the male protagonist’s story too. I guess we'll have to play it again.




Minato is an unisex name indeed. Funnily enough Marina Inoue's character in Zegapain was called Minato :D

Looking forward to this, I'm not too happy with all the locations outside Tartarus being turned into still screens, but the additions look interesting enough.




Huzzah~ And just when I received my PSP too :3 I agree, the heroine does look a bit like Yukari. She looks more cheery than mysterious though, contradicting that of the hero's.
I'm just wondering now if we can date the guys from the group(especially Ken xD)

And, um... Is Minato a unisex name??




Shouldn't it be Kana Minami of Minamike? Just pointing out though I'm curious to see how the dialogue when using the heroine and wondering how the Social Link will work since it doesn't seem like the other characters are going change into the opposite gender from the first game.




Im very interested in seeing the 'new' social links. Since we get a Female MC (I dub her Minako) some of them cannont be left the same. Heck... many expect that Akihiko and Junpei are Social Links this time around.

There will not be any running around in town or school this time around. Everything will be menu based. Guess its because of the UMD space constraint.