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Monster Hunter 5th Anniversary CG Artworks Book

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Monster Hunter 5th Anniversary CG Artworks Book


Now this is the format Makoto Shinkai's "Sora no Kioku" artbook should be in but I guess he had no say in its layout.

In commemoration of Capcom's Monster Hunter series' 5th anniversary, a 310 page "Monster Hunter CG Artworks" book containing over 1700 pieces of CG from every title in the series so far, went on sale yesterday. This includes staff interviews, box arts and the adverts that's been used in magazines so far with each piece of CG work having its own A4 sized page. A small preview is available at Akiba Blog (NSFW).

I'm sure some of the trading card art will be in it.

Monster Hunter CG Artworks


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Xcomp 作者

Sorry, I don't. The best option would probably be importing it from an overseas store. The only retailers I've used and currently stock it are Play-Asia and Amazon JP. Amazon has become quite expensive in terms of handling and delivery charges so I would suggest ordering from the former.

Also note that most credit cards have a 5~10% surcharge on the final total when paying in a foreign currency.

Hope this helps!




My son would love this book. Do you know of anywhere I can get it in the uk?