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White Album, Episode Summaries 07 ~ 10

Anime White Album

White Album, Episode Summaries 07 ~ 10

Episode 7
"An image must be continually built upon,
for it is something that crumbles from the edges already.

Touya brings Misaki over to his father's home to give her a place to work in peace. Meanwhile his own financial problems remain as he tries hard to cling onto his tutoring job. Fortunately for him, he finds out it was someone he knew - Mana Mizuki from the station. However, more trouble looms ahead as Rina spots him with Misaki at Echoes and he finds himself drawn into a battle between the idols.

White Album 07

Episode 8

"The less time we have, the more we accomplish. The more we end up doing.
Of course, the same could be said of love."

Rina finishes her recording with perfection and just as Eiji was going to playback one of Yuki's imperfect recordings, Touya rushes out to the studio's roof. He learns from Rina that Eiji no longer wants to train her because she is pretty much perfect and has now decided to train Yuki instead. Touya very much realises himself that Yuki needs all the help she can get to fulfil her dream and must be free of distractions - even from himself. He continues to go about his daily life, helping Misaki out with her props, busying himself at his father's home so much that Yuki couldn't contact him. One night, Yuki rings his parent's home but is lied to by Misaki. Touya was in for another surprise as he buys Yuki a present and arrives at the studio once again.

White Album 08

Episode 9
"There's no need for clever scenarios within memories.
The moment they are spoken, they all become nonsense anyway.

And so it was rehearsal day for Misaki's play and all the props were finished on time. Touya almost ends up sleeping at Mana's home while tutoring her because of all the overnight work. Unfortunately, Tamaru claims he wanted them all in monotone and had never agreed to her original designs, making her redo them. Misaki clenches her fist in anger and goes away to work on them. This time Touya's dad decides to give a helping hand too and the revisions are completed successfully once again much to Tamaru's surprise. On the day of the school festival, Misaki tries to get a pair of free tickets so that she and Touya could  enjoy the show but Tamaru refuses. It was the final straw for Misaki as she storms off, asking Touya to follow her because she knew of another place they could watch from. However, once again things don't go so smoothly for Misaki.

White Album 09

Episode 10
"A one person fight doesn't feel empty just because they're alone.
It is because the looks of the spectators hurt.

Much bad news was spreading about Rina being dethroned as she is informed that she will be performing at the much smaller Club Calma while Yuki continues to rise in status. However, Rina wasn't just going to give up. She decides to perform at the event but on the condition that Touya stays by her side and works for her. Meanwhile, Yayoi gets an unnerving call from her secret "admirer".

White Album 10

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