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Maria Holic 01

Fun change to the regular Anime notice in Maria Holic. Instead of reminding you to watch TV in a brightly lit room, we have...

Keep the room bright.

"Please dim the lights... It's my first time."

Maria Holic Episode 1 - A Mischievous Kiss

Kanako Miyamae is off to a new all girls school "Ame no Kisakijo Academy" where her deceased mother had met her father. She is determined to find her true love there. Wandering by mistake into private premises, she is greeted by the maid Matsurika Shinouji and is upset being referred to as a male pig until Maria Shidou comes along. Kanako is charmed by her beauty and was sure Maria is her fated one - especially after the sudden kiss on the cheek.

Are you fooled?

However, hives (i.e. urticaria) appear on her wrist. This only happens when she comes into contact with the opposite sex which was partly the reason why it's hard for her to meet boys.

It's the sign.

Invited to a tour around the school, Kanako mistakenly enters Maria's room while she is changing. To her utter shock, Kanako finds out Maria is actually a boy although it took some time for the reality to settle in. After a brief walk, she could no longer hold in her anger any more. She was fooled. Since Maria refuses to explain anything other than he wasn't at the school because he enjoyed cross-dressing, Kanako threatens to expose his secret.


Maria tells her she has no right to criticise him when she is such a pervert herself and had secret intentions. Maria rips her maid's top apart to reveal her bra temporary distracting Kanako. Screaming out loud, Maria forces Kanako to keep the secret or she would be facing quite a bit of embarrassment which wouldn't be good when she just got admitted into the academy.

Nose bleed!

Without a choice, Kanako agrees and returns to the dormitory to meet Kenryuu only to find Maria and his maid there again. Maria didn't fully trust Kanako and warns her he will be keeping surveillance twenty-four hours a day. In the meantime, they will just have to get along.

It's a trap!


I was thinking this was just going to be a Yuri show but, the comedy's not bad looking at Kanako's reactions this episode. Kind of reminds me of KareKano the way it's presented. How direct of Kanako grabbing Maria's groin to check if she just had a nightmare or not.

So far I've been diving into this season's shows without prior knowledge about what they're about but this one I did hear about. I ended up trying to guess who the cross dresser. Maria's masculine face kind of gave it away before Kanako even had that allergic reaction, though.

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