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Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo 01


Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo 01

Jun Fukuyama really is appearing everywhere... Here's one more show with his Lelouch voice in it - Sora wo kakeru Shoujo. Yukana also makes an appearance with her C.C. voice.


Akiha Shishido is told that she will be marrying right away without even getting to know who the groom is and being the youngest out of the Shishido sisters, she just doesn't understand why. She manages to sneak out quickly to school taking Imoko with her. She just manages to escape her sister Nami and attend her classes but, finds herself in trouble when the officers there find out she didn't bring her student card with her. Fortunately her classmate Julio recognises her and they make their way to class.

Akiha not happy about the arranged marriage.

Soon afterwards, they decide secretly take a trip into space to have a view of the Earth. Many transport vehicles of old were floating about and Imoko was fascinated by them all. Suddenly a huge colony ship appears  and they crash into it. Going inside, they find an entire area of old buildings and meet an AI named Leopard who controls the ship, talking to itself and admiring a cup of old black tea. He is unaware of Akiha's presence until she takes a sip of the tea and spits it out in disgust. At first, he seems mad but it turns out he was more concerned over the "indirect kiss".

Don't drink old rotten tea.

Leopard soon finds itself surrounded by the local patrols and tries to fire the ship's canon to show off its might to the humans. Failing, he tries to seek death by crashing into the Earth's atmosphere until Akiha scolds and snaps him out of it. However, he was too out of energy to stop the ship. He blames Akiha for not stopping him sooner and forces her to pilot a QT Arms mecha. Together she and Kannagi, an Inter Colony Police officer, manages to knock over a High Tension Diverter to help.

Just when they thought they were safe, the windows are opened "blinding" Leopard. A mysterious green haired girl appears and shoots a blinding ray of light at Akiha with the golden gun she possessed earlier.

It's another mecha show!

Not exactly an exciting show so far and the comedy's not quite as good as Akikan. I will probably drop this. They probably derived Akiha's name from Akihabara's nickname, "Akiba".

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