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Happy New Year!


Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!

I'd like to have one of those Kadomatsus sitting in the house just now! So has anyone thought of their New Year resolutions yet? I haven't but, one will probably be spending less because I've spent too much on hardware this year and even imported a figure! Should save up more so I can visit some other places for those photo strolls.

Anyway, time to work on changing my blog layout again. Not going to pick out titles of the year since nothing springs to mind like the last time.

From Falcom Staff.

new year


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=O My new years resolution is the same every year, be more organized, obtain more shelf space for figures (this kinda gets fulfilled whenever I clean my room though..), do more arting...

Happy New Years Xcomp! Hope you get delicious mochi, red pockets, red pocket candy, and obtain a kadomatsu!





Ah yes, a Kadomatsu! They used a bamboo version in a very brief but very funny scene during the last episode of Hidamari Sketch x 365. Apparently it was recycled from a Tanabata bamboo tree shown in an earlier episode.

The BBC reports that New Year resolutions can be bad for you, but what do they know - I'll draw up a list anyway. ;)

My very best wishes for the New Year.