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Plenty of Trauma Center New Blood in Stores

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Plenty of Trauma Center New Blood in Stores


It's release day yet, pretty much none of my favourite online stores have Trauma Centre New Blood in-stock apart from Play.com. Not even Amazon! I wonder why...

So, I decided to go wandering around the high street stores. Looks like they had plenty in-stock but at varying prices. Game Station had it for £40 while both Game and HMV both have it for £35. I want to order off Gameplay since I've been with them for years and I've never received any badly scratched or poor condition "new" games from them but again, they don't have it despite their speedy delivery of Second Opinion.

Guess I'll just wait for a while and see what happens.


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Xcomp 作者

RRP indeed. The new Xbox360 games are the worst in pricing I think...




I guess 40 quid is the "standard" price but we rarely pay that in full (at least I don't anyways).

I guess I should get a move on with Under the Knife 2... anyways, tell us how it goes.



Xcomp 作者

Hmmm... £40 for a game isn't cheap at all. I think around the £25 mark would be good although in my opinion, it should really depend on the length of the main game.

Sorry to hear about the pricing in your country... I know it costs a lot for import games with the conversion rate.

And yeah, I definitely prefer this cover. Just one of the backgrounds from the game say, an outside illustration of the hospital wouldn't be so bad either.



Maku tama

ohh wow~ so many Trauma Center! the price looks cheap but if convert to my currency it will be 200+ ;A;
and damn the cover is nice! Markus is much better than the red cross!