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Shinkai Begins Planning His Next Piece of Work


Shinkai Begins Planning His Next Piece of Work

Shinkai lets his readers know that he's started to plan his next piece of work although there's nothing really to show as an animation yet. He comments that it will be his biggest piece of work so far too... I wonder what it's about? Something to do with life in a foreign world perhaps?

On other bits of his update, he's moved places for the third time in London with the help of his friends as his minimum contract expired. He shot this from his new residence which shows the high rise buildings in the waterfront redevelopment area by the River Thames.

makoto shinkai

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Xcomp Author

He said at BFI that he wouldn't be starting it until he's back in Japan at the end of the year. Not too early to start drafting out ideas now at least.




I'm hoping for a change in direction from him too, to be honest. If it turns out to be a story about a guy who moved abroad and missed his cat I'd be slightly disappointed - he has a trilogy of excellent films that have encapsulated the 'distance' ideas so effectively. I have a gut feeling this will be something new...equally awesome as his earlier stuff, only in a different way. Whether I have an as-yet undiscovered sixth sense or it's just wishful thinking on my part, time will tell.

Thanks for the news though, Xcomp. ^_^



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"Started to plan". It appears that we have a long wait ahead of us.

I second the opinions previously expressed: less distance this time around would be very welcome indeed.




Something high on epic, low on distance theme. Tough challenge. I will await with interest!



Owen S

If he gives in to his fetish for Distanc and does it again I'll have to break something. While watching his new work, of course. True but sad story.