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Chrono Trigger DS, The New Material Includes Pokemon?

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Chrono Trigger DS, The New Material Includes Pokemon?

The new content for the Chrono Trigger DS remake is slowly being revealed, three of them being in the latest issue of Shonen Jump magazine.

First, there's good news for players who have played the classic SNES RPG before. There will be a new original dungeon, "Distortional Dimension" that changes every time you go in to explore and if you don't manage to reach a the appointed place of the dungeon, you won't be able to get out. If you manage to clear all three of these dungeons that appear, you'll end up changing End of Time.

Secondly, there's a new quest involving with the "Dragon's Sanctuary" where a portal opens between the pre-historic and middle age, leading to a place where the last survivors of a dragon tribe hide themselves.

Last to be revealed is the "Arena Dimension" which will probably remind you of Pokemon. Apparently, players will be able to raise their own monster, changing its class as they nurture it and then be allowed to send it into a battle arena to battle other monsters. Winning will earn some rare items and battles can be fought with friends via wireless link.

More reasons to get the game now even if it isn't getting a complete makeover like the Final Fantasy games.

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Xcomp Author

Never knew about the unused sprites or the unused dungeon until this remake... I think they're putting quite a lot of extra content in this time. Not sure I'll like the level grinding again though, as fun as the game was back then.



Calvin Michel Sidjaja

Arena dimension? I really hope it's the omitted coliseum (or kronopolis) which was supposed to be available in 2300 ad. I hope SE covers the mysterious speculation over the original CT in this ds version, there are just too much unused sprites which left us into questions.




At that point, it becomes the chicken or the egg question.




I still say pokemon ripped off dragon quest III >_> you got to get slimes and other monsters to join your pt and fight with you. Among other SNES games that had pets




*cough* Pokemon just asks to get ripped off sometimes...