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Chrono Trigger DS, US Gets The Pre-Order Bonus Soundtrack Too

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Chrono Trigger DS, US Gets The Pre-Order Bonus Soundtrack Too

Looks like the collectors amongst you who want the bonus pre-order soundtrack that will come with Chrono Trigger DS might not have to import it. Gamestop stores in the US are offering the very same soundtrack for customers that pre-order the game with them before November 24th.

On the other hand, it seems the store has a bad reputation over there. Reminds me of the Game and EB stores here in the UK... They always keep the game discs and manuals separate from the box and only slip them in when you bring an empty game box to the counter to pay.

Once I managed to get an extremely badly scratched disc as if someone had been drawing on it with a compass! I didn't check it until I got home so the next day when I took the game in for an exchange, the sales assistant looked up at me thinking I did it. Luckily the manager was there and agreed to exchange it. Ever since then, I always check the games from them before leaving the store. Now I just order online unless I want to play the game immediately. Haven't had a bad experience so far.

Anyway, back to this bonus gift... I think SE knows they can make more profit by re-releasing the soundtrack too and that's why they're not being too generous with this.

Still not sure if I'm putting in a pre-order but one thing I'm pretty certain about is won't have this over here.

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It works the same way in North America, but it's more for anti-theft, and only on the new releases.
I only actually started checking discs after I rented a game from Blockbuster and I couldn't get it to play. It wouldn't have bugged me that much after I exchanged it, but a week later, the same game was back on the shelf for renting, still unusable. But I've never had this problem when buying games.