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DJ Max Portable Finally Goes West

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DJ Max Portable Finally Goes West


It's been a long time since I played the Korean music game, "DJ Max Portable 2". Don't really play it anymore but still go back to the first game now and then. Better songs.

Now it looks like a company named "PM Studios" is finally going to bring the two games West only this time, merging both games together and using the new name "DJ Max Fever". I guess this means some songs will be removed so, there will still be a reason for importing the "Engrish" enabled versions.

Now when will Pentavision confirm whether the rumours about the third game is true or not?


もしご連絡しても宜しければメールアドレスもご入力下さい。迷惑会社- いや… 第三者等に提供することもしないのでご安心を。


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Xcomp 作者

You should watch these NB Rangers breaking up couples in the game's music videos. Fuelled by jealousy... It's hilarious.

More pics of them on Ruliweb as they "terrorize" Korea.




That image you posted is GOLD I keep giggling ahaha