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Final Fantasy XIII Announced for Xbox360 at E3!


Final Fantasy XIII Announced for Xbox360 at E3!

Well, here's an unexpected announcement at the E3 2008 games conference... The much anticipated next Final Fantasy title, "Final Fantasy XIII" will be getting a release on the Xbox 360!

I found the announcement pretty funny actually... Now there's really no point getting a PS3 unless Atlus releases the next MegaTen Persona game on it.

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Xcomp Author

You have a point but, I'm only interested in the traditional RPG experience and not the third person shooter that's being rumoured about Versus.

I think they over-invested on the PS3 but at least they have raised the bar on the technology side of things...




the playstation 3 is another step closer to its death with this announcement



Silver moon

oh really ???




Well, there is no reason to get one unless Versus XIII comes there as well. Of course, we will have to wait and see on that.