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Persona 4 Fansite Listing and PV Version A

Persona 4

Persona 4 Fansite Listing and PV Version A

Another mini update to the Persona 4 website today. Atlus has been gathering P4 fansites for some time now since the Special Volume No.1 Newsletter and now a new button has appeared that leads visitors to the list. Looks like any personal blogs that simply keep track of any Atlus game are eligible for the listing, though.

The other update is this streaming copy of one of the promotional videos, version A. Interesting how they chose to host it on Youtube.

I think we all know what the story surrounding "Mayonaka TV" is about by now if you watched the long Famitsu trailer. I don't know why but the music half way through the PV sounds like a remix of a P3 track. Not too sure which track, though. And is it just me or is the video out of sync?

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Xcomp Author

Yeah, I think that might be what I was thinking of. Thanks Mirei!




I think that P3 track your referring to is 'The Battle for Everyone's Souls?' correct me if I'm wrong...



Silver moon

i like when all P4 character picture in tv




Wah... The preview came out already! ^_^ Hope it's good as Persona 3 Fes!




The video seems fine at the first half, but it kinda gets out of sync after the next half... weird.

Still, it doesn't reveal anything besides what we already know so far. Oh well.