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Makoto Shinkai, No Autographs at BFI 5cm Screening?

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Makoto Shinkai, No Autographs at BFI 5cm Screening?

Well, just two weeks until 5cm goes onto the big screen in London, with BFI starting the screening off with a live interview with the producer Makoto Shinkai himself. As of now, most of the central seats appear to be filled with over 200 people booked in. Think I'll just have to take a side seat near the middle. Otherwise I'll have a sore neck lifting my head up to watch the 63 minute, three part movie.

I haven't made any arrangements to go down myself yet. I've been hesitating to make a booking because I was wondering why I should go see something that I've already seen unless I get an autograph from Shinkai or something. Unfortunately, the description at the BFI website gives the impression that he will be gone right after the interview unlike in Japan where he would stay behind to speak with his fans and give autographs. I decided to e-mail BFI to confirm whether the attendees will get to speak with him or whether cameras will be allowed during the interview but, it's been weeks now and I have yet to receive a response from them.

So, I decided to e-mail Mr. Shinkai himself to see if he could help clarify matters.


After the interview, do you have plans to give autographs just like the events in Japan? I have tried contacting BFI regarding this matter but, I haven't received a reply back from them so I thought I would ask Mr. Shinkai yourself.

He replies:




Nice to meet you, my name is Shinkai.
Thank you very much for your e-mail!

Unfortunately there are no plans for an autograph session at the moment. It looks like the event isn't being as thoroughly planned as those in Japan (Laughs). However, if time permits I personally would like to give autographs... I apologise for being unable to give you a clear response.

I hope you will enjoy the event.

Well, I guess this means I'll have to wave frantically amongst the crowd and shout, "Shinkai-sama! Shinkai-sama! Sign kudasai!" or something along those lines... I'm just joking of course. Don't say I taught you how to say that here! I will probably go just for the event anyway .

I tried to e-mail him again to ask if he was going to be staying behind to watch the movie himself or when the second batch of his artbook will be ready but, haven't received a reply back. I can kind of understand why, though.

Why not take a break?

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Xcomp Author

Thanks for the suggestions but, I'm not really that desperate to be honest. I'm more of a fan of his 5cm movie at the moment for the reasons I mentioned before so it would definitely be a bonus if I got an autograph from the man who wrote it.




Ditto. Props to e-mailing him and hey at least you can say that you got an e-mail reply for Makoto Shinkai himself. Not a lot of his fans can say that now, can they?

I think you should go to the event just for the experience of it. I mean he is going to be there isn't he? I'd go if I lived in London ...

As for how to get his attention ... I recall an American fan trying to get the attention of Mika Nakashima when they did a NANA showing in New York and that fan actually managed to make contact through various people to hand Nakashima a hand-made fan book (a collab amongst Nakashima fans on the net). At the time Nakashima didn't know what it was but the contact told the girl later that when Nakashima was able to sit down with the book and flip through all their hard work, she was really impressed.

... Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you should do the exact same thing, but get creative!




Wow. You actually had the guts to e-mail Shinkai himself? Props to you, dude. (b")b gj wwwww

It does seem that frantically waving a signboard right after the event would get his attention... probably mention your name and/or about your e-mail to him. Still, good luck... ^_^