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Sigma Harmonics This August

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Sigma Harmonics This August


The website for S-E's mystery action game "Sigma Harmonics" has been updated letting gamer's know it will be due out on August 21st. They've also added Sigma and Neon's voice in the Characters section, an Art Gallery and the Systems section.

So the gameplay goes like this.

First, you must weave time together in the Great Clock Tower room by choosing "Investigate" and then by picking the appropriate cards, players are transferred to that point of time.

These cards that are limited in quantity can also used in battles and on the field so you will have to be careful about when to use them.

Going back in time, you'll be able to find "Shadow Souls" monuments that allows a review of what has happened. These won't always be located in the same area and will depend on what point of time you go back to.

By viewing these "Shadow Souls", speaking to people and checking out suspicious things around the area, Sigma can gather clues and use his sound solidification powers to turn them into stones. Gathering as many as these stones will be vital in solving the mysteries as accurately as possible.


I like the artwork in this game. The cards remind me of the tarot cards in Persona 3 and the Kurogami Mansion looks like an exotic place to study!

Now who does Neon's voice remind me of... It sounds very familiar but I can't quite remember who the Seiyuu's name is.


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