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Blog Update Didn't Go Too Well


Blog Update Didn't Go Too Well

I need to learn how to edit and test Wordpress themes offline.

Spent a good couple of hours messing about with the CSS again today. I don't actually know the language so I've just been hacking pre-written themes with the HTML knowledge I have. If you're using Firefox then, you should be able to see the new blue tabs that you can highlight. If you're using IE7 then you'll still be able to see the tabs but, not quite the way I had designed them... I should have checked sooner. Forgot about the compatibility issues between browsers. Not really sure how I'm going to fix it right now.

Aside from that you'll also see I've re-positioned the RSS links and search box. I've made the header image clickable too so that it's quicker to get back to the front page. For some reason, Wordpress had disabled it when I switched themes long ago. These changes work fine in IE7 at least.

What took the longest time was trying to get the Gravatars working and laid out properly within each comment. I couldn't get the avatar to sit neatly on the left-hand side at first. After much trial and error, I finally  managed to achieve that somehow but, now there's giant gaps in between paragraphs. I'll just have to leave it like that because I can't get it any better.

If you would like to use your own avatar then, please register at Gravatars.com. Quite a number of Wordpress based blogs use them now so by setting one up, your avatar will also appear on those other blogs too. A bit of identity on the net!

Anyway, I think it might be better if I just stopped hacking themes and went through the Wordpress lessons. Would probably be better time spent...

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