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Someday's Dreamers - Summer's Sora Airs July


Someday's Dreamers - Summer's Sora Airs July

I found out about the follow-up Manga to Mahoutsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto, "Natsu no Sora" a few months ago back in January but, I didn't know it was being turned into an Anime show already. I liked the first series so I guess this will be the next show I'll be covering (depending on time of course).

Odd there's not much information about this second series but, I think it will be focusing on another girl "Sora" who, just like Yume, is going to the Bureau of Magic to get her license as a magic user in Tokyo and there will be a lot of hurdles for her to overcome as she works towards it.

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Xcomp Author

Maybe it's because it's been such a long time since the last series was shown that they think it's not worth focusing on Yume again.




It's interesting that they've missed out the proper manga sequel to the original Someday's Dreamers - called Spellbound - and gone straight for this.



Xcomp Author

That's what I thought too until I saw the word written in Katakana.

The e-mail address works fine if you remove the words in capitals.



Lord Marlin

I know I'm probably being superficial, but I put a lot of emphasis on an anime's art style when I decide to watch a show and Someday's Dreamers has an interesting style to it. I'm looking forward to seeing how the plot turns out, but by the description I don't think I'll be disappointed.

By the by, the email you have listed under your "about" link doesn't work so I've tried to contact you through an older topic:


I have an interest in Persona 3 that I would like you to address if at all possible, thank you and I apologize for spamming the wrong topic.




For a while, I thought the title was "Sky of Summer/Summer's Sky". ("sora" being "sky" in Japanese)

I guess I got ahead of myself. ^_^;