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Persona Trinity Soul OST Due in July

Anime Persona Trinity Soul

Persona Trinity Soul OST Due in July

Well, another eleven more episodes until Persona Trinity Soul ends which will be around the end of June so I guess July is a good time for the OST.

The official site reports the soundtrack will be due on July 2nd at 3675 Yen (US$36), composed by Taku Iwasaki. There isn't a track listing at the moment but, I'm presuming the ones with Lotus Juice and Yumi Kawamura's vocals will be part of it. The first CD recording of Kawamura's "Found Me", the second ending song, will also be on it.

And of course, we can't forget about the obligatory first press goodies you'll get for ordering it early; a deluxe poster, fold-out box and an alternative cover. Note the image below is from the limited edition of the first DVD and is not the soundtrack.

The cover from the limited edition version of the volume one DVD.

Two of the tracks will probably be "Somewhere" and "Der Mond zeigt mir meine eigne Gestalt ~From Heine's "Doppelganger"~" which can already be found on Iwasaki's other release, "SelfConsciousness". The "Doppelganger" track sounds like it's the mystery girl's theme song because the words match up with the poem it's based on. Watch episode four again and skip to the part where Jun is wandering the streets at night to have a listen yourself. Interesting choice of words.

And I never knew Iwasaki composed for one of the "Rurounin Kenshin" OVAs and the "Read or Die" TV series!

While I do like some of Iwasaki's compositions here, I really don't think he's managed to put Lotus Juice and Kawamura's talents to good use in the show. Shoji Meguro done a better job using the P3 soundtracks.

On the other hand, I'm also looking forward to the full version of the new opening "Word of the Voice" too. I hope it isn't changed too much. Quite a number of full version songs end up changing for the worst.

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Xcomp Author

Who knows... Maybe they'll include a few tracks from P3 as bonus tracks since they were used in the show >_>



Calvin Michel Sidjaja

Too bad, Shoji Meguro is not involeved in this OST, but I'm looking forward for this OST.




i guess its just a coincidence

phew, i thought it will end so soon



Xcomp Author

Gah, I can't count. Er, it was late night and I was tired... OTL
Thanks for reminding me! Fixed it now! ^^;

Looks like I counted wrong. I was thinking twenty for some reason ^^;

Interesting to know "Doppelganger" was used in P2 too. Is that an attempt to reference the rest of the game series or, is it just a coincidence I wonder?




july... too far T_T and in mid-may the show will end! O_o! omg too fast. btw, thanks again!

-doppelaganger is also used in Persona 2, its always quoted by one of its characters. just telling




Umm... I though they said P:TS has 26 episodes...