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Persona Trinity Soul 10

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Persona Trinity Soul 10

I finally catch up with the show. I hadn’t been able to post summaries until this weekend because I’ve been busy with coursework and migrating my blog over to this new host. It’s good to see the story is picking up from what I’ve missed.

Note that you may have a little bit of déjà vu in this latest episode because the events actually happen in parallel to the last episode. It’s actually the first time I’ve seen a show done this way. I thought I watching episode nine again and had downloaded the wrong raw when I first played the file!

What I’m going to do is try and miss out the scenes that appeared in the last episode.

Episode 10 Summary, The Shadow that Smiles in the Twilight

It was early morning and it was a school holiday. Jun was curious to know why his brother was up so early, happily rummaging through his clothes preparing to go out. However, despite his persistence, Jun couldn’t get any answers from his brother other than a echoing, “Well, you know.”

Shin has a date.

After Shin leaves, Ryo comes out of his room as Jun was gazing at the “The Story of the Bear and the Squirrel” movie tickets he had. Ryo asks where Shin was going and Jun replies he was going on a drive with Eiko. He didn’t really have to ask his brother with his mind reading powers.

Meanwhile in another part of Ayanagi, Saki was sitting in her bed gazing longingly at a picture of Touma, one of the other Marebito members who Ryo had defeated.

That morning, Megumi and Takuro were also up early. They were behind the shrine near the Morinonagi dorm and Takuro was training trying to take control his Persona again but was failing miserably. Megumi sighs, saying he was the one who is supposed to control the Persona and not the other way around. She tries to give him some advice about concentrating but she herself doesn’t actually want to summon her own Persona in case someone saw them.

Megumi still doesn’t feel like summoning her Persona.

Takuro picks himself up ready to try again, following Megumi’s advice. Unfortunately, he is lifted into the air as usual leaving Megumi to pull him back down. Realising she can’t help Takuro by herself, she decides to call the others. She tries to phone Shin but because he doesn’t pick up, she goes onto calling Kanaru.

Kanaru answers her phone but notices someone familiar in a car nearby. Distracted for a moment as she watched Shin go by she almost forgets about Megumi on the phone. Stammering, Kanaru confirms where her friends were and replies that she will be over soon with some refreshments. She walks along the street, unaware that she was being followed by Tomohiro from the police department.

Kunio hasn’t given up on the trailing yet.

Ryo was in his room speaking with his contact again who had found out a list of possible organisations that maybe secretly linked to the research plans they mentioned previously. Research into realising the human mind. Ryo looks through the list and the name “DSI (Development of Supernatural Individuality)” catches his eye. The man who is leading the Marebito used to be part of that organisation and if Ryo is right about how they’re attempting to combine Personas then, the clues all fit into place. This is the only lead they have for the time being so they will have to follow it.

The leader of the Marebito was a former member of DSI.

Suddenly, Jun enters Ryo’s room forcing him to close away all the files open on his computer. He hangs up, angrily telling Jun to knock the next time. Jun apologises frantically and then asks if his brother was going to be doing anything for the rest of his day off. Ryo answers he’ll be going back to the station in the afternoon much to Jun’s disappointment but they can still go out to have lunch together somewhere. Hearing that, Jun manages a smile again and backs out of Ryo’s room keeping the tickets he had hidden from view.

On his way out, Jun passes by Shin’s room and finds his clothes sprawled all over the floor. He sighs having to tidy up after his older brother. As he began to pick up the mess he comes across the picture book, “Feathers of a Whale” lying on the floor. Happy to see the book that their parents wrote, Jun decides to read through it again. He begins reading, “Perhaps this is something that happened long ago. Or perhaps it’s something that will happen in the future. Some place unknown or some place familiar…”

Jun reading “Feathers of the Whale”.

Kanaru was now at a convenient store near the student dorm. Thinking he was well hidden from view, Tomohiro reports back to his superior Kunio who was visiting one of their injured subordinates for the day. He wasn’t too happy when he learns Tomohiro had failed to keep an eye on Megumi and Takuro. Somehow Inue managed to sneak up behind him without him knowing.

However, Kunio orders him to continue trailing the next lead they had on the Reverse cases anyway who was Kanaru. Unfortunately, Tomohiro’s big build and height gives him away. Kanaru smiles and waves as she leaves the convenience store. He greets her back and laughs awkwardly claiming he was on patrol. After receiving a bag of crisps as a gift from Kanaru, he resumes following her, confident he wouldn’t get caught again this time.

Have some crisps and take a break, Tomohiro.

Jun was just finishing off the picture book when the doorbell rings. A familiar face appears at the intercom and was asking to see Jun. Wondering who it was, Jun walks downstairs and finds Mayuri standing outside with a bag in her hands. She had wanted to thank them for helping her in the school building the other night and had brought some Gyudon with her for their lunch. After briefly introducing Mayuri as Shin’s classmate to Ryo, Jun invites her in to dine together with them since they didn’t have lunch yet and Shin wasn’t around to have his share of the Gyudon.

The disguised Marebito member Saki didn’t expect one of her enemies to be related to the Kanzato brothers and perhaps that was the reason why she hesitated to go inside. However, as if it was fate, it began to rain heavily outside. Receiving permission from his brother, Mayuri enters the Kanzato residence.

Inviting the enemy in.

Jun and Ryo sat opposite Mayuri as they ate. Jun explains what happened the other night when they explored the school in search of a “ghost”. Despite knowing it was illegal entry, Ryo doesn’t say much. He was more concerned about the way Jun was addressing Mayuri. Jun should really be addressing her as “Senpai (Senior)” instead of by name because she was older than him but Mayuri didn’t really mind.

The brothers get a surprise when they suddenly see Mayuri wolfing down her Gyudon. They laughed when they saw a bit of rice stuck on her nose. Ryo lifted his finger to his nose giving her a hint. Puzzled, she checked herself and was suddenly reminded of the time when Touma wiped some food off her nose at a stall. For a moment she gazes at Ryo with hate in her eyes.

She must be hungry…

Jun also looks at Mayuri once again. With the awkward silence between them, he decides to take the opportunity to ask them both out to go see a movie with him. Both Mayuri and Ryo were surprised at the sudden proposal but agree to go with him.

Making her way through the rain, Kanaru had met up with Megumi and Takuro now, still unaware Tomohiro was watching them. Megumi was clearly glad to see some refreshments since she hadn’t had breakfast yet. Takuro had dragged her out very early in the morning to help him out with his training.

Takuro’s very popular.

In an attempt to avoid the blame, he quickly finishes up so that he could get back to training again. Megumi didn’t want to rush their break but gets up anyway. Both she and Kanaru hold onto Takuro in case he flew away again. A puzzled Tomohiro watched on until Inue manages to catch the detective off guard again claiming he had something interesting to show him.

Outside the cinema, Jun shows them the movie they were going to watch. The tickets were given to him from his teacher because no one else would take them. Ryo wasn’t too keen on watching a children’s movie but seeing that Mayuri didn’t mind, they go in. While Jun was off to get some snacks, Mayuri and Ryo had seated themselves but were far apart from each other. She wondered why he would sit far away alone like that and Jun replies he doesn’t really quite understand his brother either. The lights go out and the movie is ready to start. Jun notices that hateful look on Mayuri again.

Can you tell they’re not a family?

Meanwhile, Inue was showing off the footage he recorded at Kurobe Bay. As the camera was focused on Kanaru, Inue asked if Tomohiro liked what he saw. For a moment, Tomohiro thought he was talking about Kanaru but Inue hadn’t finished his question yet. He was just referring to his dog.

By the end of the movie, Jun and Mayuri were left in tears. After wiping their eyes, they look over to Ryo and are surprised to find that he had been crying too. Jun never knew his brother was so sentimental.

Man tears!

Both Jun and Mayuri left the room first. Outside, Jun took the opportunity to ask if something happened between her and Ryo. He couldn’t help but notice how scary she looked whenever she was looking at Ryo. Was his brother the reason why Mayuri’s dear person disappeared?

Just then, someone who looked like Touma (who is supposed to be dead) walks by behind them. Mayuri cries out his name and runs in the same direction just as Ryo was walking out of the cinema. Puzzled at what was wrong, he looks over in her direction but to his surprise, the red haired girl was standing before them once again. Jun was going to go after Mayuri but Ryo stops him. Ryo goes off instead.

It’s Touma’s ghost.

Soon Ryo catches up with a breathless Mayuri on the bridge who had given up the chase. After catching her breathe she turns round to face Ryo once again with that hateful look on her. She asks if it was true that policemen had to kill sometimes to carry out their duty. Ryo pauses for a moment before answering yes. She presses on asking if Ryo himself has ever killed anyone. The two stare at each other.

Suddenly, Mayuri’s expression lights up as she catches sight of someone behind Ryo. It was her beloved Touma. She tries to rush over to him but Ryo stops him. Realising she was still in disguise, she stops but then realises there was something wrong with Touma. A Persona battle ensues but yet again Ryo has the upper hand knocking Touma to the ground. Concerned, Mayuri immediately rushes over but ends up being blasted away. Ryo catches her but by then Touma is no where to be seen.

Touma is back for a rematch but something is wrong.

Ryo gets up and looks around but there were no signs of his enemy. A white feather appears next to him and turning round, he sees the girl in red again only this time she looked older. She raises her hand and closes in towards Ryo’s face. Ryo couldn’t react but fortunately his Persona manages to protect him, fending off the hostile girl again who bursts into white feathers.

Mystery girl is in hostile mode again.

Coming back to his senses, Ryo finds Jun standing beside him. Mayuri on the other hand was lying on the ground, confused about what just happened. Ryo leaves Jun behind telling him to walk Mayuri home.

Later that night, Jun and Shin had to fix up dinner themselves because Ryo didn’t return home. He was going to the morgue with Eiko to check on the bodies of the Marebito members he had killed. Sure enough, Touma’s body was there and was ready to get cremated. What could this mean?

Is Touma’s body still there?

Next episode, “The Definition of Dependency”

When Megumi learns that a group of students have secretly established a “Kagenuki Club” at their school, she together with Shin and Takuro sneak into the classroom where their activities take place. To their surprise, Kanaru was the leader of this club. Even though she knew it was a dangerous game she was playing she just couldn’t stop. Kanaru was now showing the withdrawal symptoms of Kagenuki and in an effort to save her, Shin and the others watch over her twenty-four hours around the clock…

Izon no Teigi


Another great episode. At first, I thought Inue was going to show Tomohiro the recording of Megumi’s Persona awakening but, then I remembered how he’s been sneaking up on Tomohiro at so many convenient times. It sounds as if he’s trying to help them or something.

Now back when I watched episode six I thought it was odd that Yuuji was still alive wearing that teddy bear costume. Two bodies were found after Ryo’s battle with him and Touma but they weren’t named so I wasn’t sure if they were supposed to be dead or not. Now this episode confirms my suspicions. It was a great moment when Touma suddenly appeared out of no where or at least someone that looks like him.

The funny thing is that they're always fighting in the open and no one seems to see them. Also, Tomohiro's supposed to have been trailing the Persona users all this time yet he hasn't discovered anything yet. Ah well, lets forget the trivial details eh? Maybe some barrier forms around them so that people can't see them when they fight.

Anyway, so is the mystery girl somehow collecting human souls and controlling them? Another question is, why is she appearing in different forms? Sometimes she’s a little girl and at other times she looks like a teenager. One thing for sure is that the older form is hostile towards the Kanzato brothers.

The events that occurred in this episode and the last are supposed to be happening in parallel as I mentioned in the short introduction. During the scene when the girl holds her hand up to Ryo, there is a brief flash of the scene when Shin is sinking into the water, reaching out to the younger version of the girl. I’m guessing the moment the young girl reaching out to Shin at sea was dragged back into the ocean was when Ryo’s Persona fended off the older girl. Kind of confusing. Is there two of her?

Anyway, I hope that’s not Mayuri trying to kiss Kanaru in the preview. It’s probably just them getting ready for Kagenuki just like Takuro and Shin did in episode two although we didn’t quite see what the other two girls during that episode did because they were hidden from view…

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