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Evangelion 10th Anniversary Celebrates with an Exhibition too

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Evangelion 10th Anniversary Celebrates with an Exhibition too

Well, the FFVII 10th Anniversary Gallery exhibit ended today but there's another one going on until the end of this week. Gainax is also doing some celebration of their own for their Anime show, Neon Genesis Evangelion which happens to be one of my favourites.


Between January and December 2006, the company ran a web project known as "Eva at Work" on their site to celebrate the show's 10th anniversary. Every month they accepted and displayed a single piece of Evangelion themed artwork.

This year, in commemoration of their first "Rebuild of Evangelion" movie which premièred on Saturday, the site has revealed a 13th piece of artwork and is also running an exhibition of the items, currently being held at Gallery Space Point in Tokyo, Ebisu until the end of this week 8th September.

Sachiel Stained Glass

There's quite a number of items on show including this stained glass model of the Third Angel, Sachiel. I quite like it.

Lance of Loginus

The Lance of Longinus measuring 2200mm x 200mm, made of iron and weighing at a hefty 28Kg. The lance is up for bidding on Yahoo Auctions for two weeks until September 7th and so far, there's been over a thousand bids the last time I checked. You won't believe the price it's reached... 10 billion yen which comes in at around US$86,000,000! I think someone's just messing around.

Next item that caught my attention was this "Eva Course". You might not want to be eating just now before you read on.

It's basically just a plate in the shape of the Second Angel, Lilith. Really gets your appetite going with the right food in it, doesn't it?

Eva Course Plate

You can view more photos at Dengeki or at Gainax's official "Eva at Work" site.

Meanwhile, there seems to have been some interesting changes in the first new Eva movie which covers episodes 1~6 of the TV series with added new material.

2007 Limited Edition Boxset

Can't wait until all four Rebuild movies are released on DVD! I already own the VCD set of the original series but, I should probably try getting the "renewal" DVD boxset too (the same DVDs are labelled "Platinum" version in the West I think) which uses remastered visuals and added 5.1 surround sound so they're better than the earlier DVD releases.

The boxset you see above is the limited edition 2007 version. Too bad it seems to be sold out already.

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Yes, I don't believe it either because it's not like it's made of gold or diamond. I should have taken a screenshot of the site because it seems to have updated to 1 million yen for some reason.

Somehow, I think the price will hit the maximum amount 10 billion again. It's happened before with another item when Japanese fans thought an item wasn't any good.




86'000'000 $ for the lance. Oh my god !