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Canon Inkjet Print Head Fails for the Third Time, Nice Timing Before the Semester


Canon Inkjet Print Head Fails for the Third Time, Nice Timing Before the Semester

My old Canon inkjet printer decided to stop working today right when I had some important documents to print out. Not sure where the manual's gone and the official Canon site doesn't seem to have the documentation archived as a PDF so, I did some searching.

It looks like it might be the print head again according to UKT Support. I've had the printer for well over 10 years and bought it as a package deal when I got my first 75Mhz 8MB RAM IBM PC. I think this is the third time I've had to change the print head now. Either it's the head or it's that cheap non-Canon colour cartridge I bought earlier but, it shouldn't be the problem because it was printing fine for the past few days.

Canon Print Head

Anyway, it's costing me £30 which I was planning to use to buy this month's Paper Mario for the Wii with. Nice timing. It's like fate's telling me, "The new semester's starting soon. Stop playing any more games, save up and study!" I will probably still manage to squeeze it into my little budget somehow but I'm not too sure... I like the look of the RPG elements in it mixed with old school platform gaming so far. Crisis Core can wait for the time being since I can "borrow" a copy of it.

Speaking of which, there was a question on the Wii's "Everybody Votes" channel asking, "Do you believe in fate?" I chose yes because I've been through quite a few big coincidences lately... Anyway, I also predicted "Yes" and if memory serves me right the results were 62% of the participants do. More females voted yes than males and perhaps it has something to do with romance?

On another note, the Super Robot Wars style PS2 mecha action game "Another Century's Episode 3 Final" is coming out for the PS2 this week. My brother's decided to put in a pre-order for a chance of getting the 60 page "ACE Ultimate Library" book since he was planning to get it later anyway.

ACE3 Site

Hopefully we managed to put the pre-order in early enough to get this which contains a story digest of the first two games, character concept art and other items including a pin-up poster. Of course, I will be posting some photos here if it does arrive.

ACE 3 Pre-order Bonus

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