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FFVII: Crisis Core Site Updated with New Videos and Info, SE Party 7 Minute Trailer Ripped from Yahoo

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FFVII: Crisis Core Site Updated with New Videos and Info, SE Party 7 Minute Trailer Ripped from Yahoo

Looks like the updates are starting to stream in now that Crisis Core is due out next Thursday.

The official site itself has been updated with information about the new "Potions" that were shown at the FFVII Gallery, the PSP case and also a single downloadable wallpaper. If you go to the Characters section you'll also find that Cloud has been added along with videos of Lazard, Sephiroth and Genesis.

FFVII CC Site Update

And if that's not enough, Yahoo Japan has also made the 7 minute long trailer that was shown at the SE Party 2007 available for viewing. The only catch is, it's Japan exclusive which means you will require a Japanese IP address to stream the trailer and it seems proxies don't work. The good news is the clip has been uploaded onto Youtube as usual but, if you prefer the original sized 640x480 video complete with potion ads from the site, you can download it from Megaupload.

FFVII CC on Yahoo

Looking great as before but I hope the game doesn't play a pre-rendered movie for every summon. Again, I'm really enjoying all the Advent Children style renders. I hope there's more of that kind of footage in the game that there was in Dirge of Cerberus. Too bad it's all set in the past but, at least we see Aerith walking about alive and well!

FFVII Crisis Core LE PSP

As a reminder, pre-orders for the limited edition slim PSP package is still available on Play-Asia and Yes-Asia. NCSX if you live in Europe. Get it now unless you want to get them at jacked up prices on auction sites later even though prices at import stores are at around double the retail price just now... Or, if you're just one of those "enterprising" individuals, just forget it and leave it for the fans.

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Greetings! Do you happen to have the 640x480 version of the Crisis Core Square Enix Party 2007 video? The download link in the article no longer works.

Thanks in advance!



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No, I don't unfortunately =/