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Portable RPG Overload from V Jump! FFVII: Crisis Core, Final Fantasy IV DS, ASH

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Portable RPG Overload from V Jump! FFVII: Crisis Core, Final Fantasy IV DS, ASH

The September issue of V Jump contains a whole load of screenshots and bits of info for a fairly large number of RPGs. I don't think there's been so many RPGs shown simultaneously before... Dragon Quest IV, ASH (Archaic Sealed Heat), Final Fantasy IV, Tales of Innocence, Crisis Core, Final Fantasy Tactics: A2 and Summon Night Twin Age.

That's a lot of titles and nearly all for the DS too! Of course, this will mean lots of crying wallets amongst collectors and importers alike ^^;

Shonen Jump had a single page of FFIV:DS info but here's V Jump with two pages of screenshots in colour.


The info isn't that different except it has the names in English and, screenshots of the slightly updated ATB system where extra bits of info are given about commands. Here it shows Cecil's Sword of Darkness has 10 ATK.


Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core which comes out next month, September 13th with a limited edition PSP package available. Another impressive looking game for the PSP even though we don't know how the gameplay will workout. Yeah, we know how the system works but how fun will it be to play it? Too bad the game comes out just when the new semester starts. Otherwise I could do a script for it for extra completeness of my FFVII Web Novel site.

And did Zack always have that scar on his face...? Never noticed it.

Crisis Core Scan

Yay, the famous Nibelheim incident where the evil pretty much all started. Young Tifa being the tour guide and... Did they really have to show more of JENOVA's body? I'm guessing that's going to be a zoom out shot or something when they enter the chamber.

Crisis Core Scan

As a reward for being promoted to 1st Rank Soldier, Zack is allowed to go to the beach of Costa Del Sol. It appears the new Turk, Cisne was the one who suggested it. Could she have fallen for Zack too? I say yes.

We've also got a former scientist named "Hollander" who worked for Shinra and seems to have something to do with JENOVA's disappearance.

Crisis Core Scan

Here's more about the DMW (Digital Mind Web) system. By matching two or three of the numbers up, you can gain various effects. The 555 here makes you immune to physical damage. Similarly if you match portraits, you will execute special moves as you enter "Reach" mode. Summons are done the same way.

Why do I have the impression of playing those jackpot machines...? Game's about a month away from release but they still haven't updated the System section of the site yet. A bit odd.

Crisis Core Scan

Meanwhile Final Fantasy Tactics: A2, which is due October 25th, reveals two new enemy characters. There's "Illua", a cool-headed woman loyal to a criminal organisation known as the "Kamyuja". She will not hesitate to use force in order to achieve her goals and appears many times before our heroes.

Next there's "Lazaford", the Great Mage who created the Laws and Judges and guides Luso on his journey. He is also known as the "Rune Master".

FFTactics 2 Scan

Also revealed is the "Auction" where rival clans bid with CP to win rights to areas. By winning these auctions, your clan earns the title of "Champ" in those areas and gives you benefits such as cheaper items and quest info.

FFTactics 2 Scan

As for ASH (Archaic Sealed Heat), which is due October 4th, we find out about Mariti, an imperial princess from the developed industrial nation of Eishin who is also after the Flaming Snakes. A mercenary from the nation of Samnelsia who's purpose is unknown also makes an appearance.


Two new units have been revealed here which are "Monster Magic" who can speak to monsters and good at providing support magic. Secondly there's "Long Sword" who can hit all enemy units with his great sword and has high physical defence.

The article reminds us about the battle system where each team is made up for three members. Here in the screenshots you're switching between two teams, one is distracting the boss' attention while the other helps build on their attacks.

Should be an interesting SRPG.

FFTactics 2 Scan

I've only posted the scans I was most interested in. The rest can be found on NeoGAF.

I will most likely be picking up Final Fantasy IV DS and Crisis Core but not right after they're released. ASH, I'm not so sure... I'll have to try it out first.

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