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Code Geass Sound Episode 6 Tracks Revealed, What's that Bonus Track?


Code Geass Sound Episode 6 Tracks Revealed, What's that Bonus Track?

The release date and tracks for the final Code Geass drama CD has been revealed on the Livedoor Anime News Blog. Nice cover too since it features the cast from the first season.

Now why did I bother importing that July issue of Newtype? Well, guess I have the other 3 tracks that this CD won't have at least and it's good news for fans that missed out! I will probably put in an order for all 6 drama CDs once this last sound episode is out. Then I must wait for the DVD boxset for the show.

Code Geass Sound Episode 6

Due September 27th 2007, the CD will contain:

1. Character Song by Nunnally.

2. Stage 0.916 "The Black King"
Rivalz and Lelouch meets for the first time because of chess. An episode where you can catch a glimpse of what Lelouch is like as the tactician he is.

3. Stage 0.884 "The Siblings of Britannia"
Schneizel, Cornelia, Clovis and Euphemia... A very rare drama that concerns the brothers and sisters of Britannia. This episode takes place before Clovis takes charge of Area 11. A lively episode that shows each of their individual personalities. The greatest place to hear about what Clovis thinks of Lelouch.

4. Serial Drama Stage 21.534 "The Last Invitation"
The last part of the serial story which takes place until after Stage 21. Just before the Special Administration Region of Japan is set up, Suzaku discusses something with Lelouch. What could the surprising coversation be about?! Does he reveal the secrets behind that big incident?! Did Lelouch and Suzaku know they couldn't escape from the paths of fate...? A fitting ending that centres around the two as the story reaches climax.

5. Character Song Instrumental Version.

6. Bonus Track, "The Third Reason".
The site says the "sound episode that was first published in the August issue of Newtype" but I think it's a typo. Should be the July issue of Newtype because it has the same title and cast.

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