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Square-Enix Announces FFXI OST Premium Box Set for March

ほか パソコン

Square-Enix Announces FFXI OST Premium Box Set for March


Not too long after I bought the first OST as well... But never mind since I only spent most of my time playing through the original game. Ah, that "Ru'Lude Garden" tune sends memories flooding back. Now I'm listening to the OST again, remembering when I first started out killing off hares outside Sand d'Oria! Er yes, terrible.

Scan 1

Anyway, this will be a set of 7 CDs made up of:

01. Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack (2 Discs)
02. Final Fantasy XI Rise of Zilart Original Soundtrack (1 Disc)
03. Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia Original Soundtrack (1 Disc)
04. Final Fantasy XI Treasures of Aht Urhgan Original Soundtrack (1 Disc)
05. Unreleased OST Collection (Bonus Disc)
06. Final Fantasy XI Piano Collections (Bonus Disc)
07. Piano Score Collect (1 Book)

FFXI music fans can obtain this set for 11,000 Yen on March 28th.


もしご連絡しても宜しければメールアドレスもご入力下さい。迷惑会社- いや… 第三者等に提供することもしないのでご安心を。


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