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Ys Origin Arrives! Falcom Hints at Legend of Heroes VII in May?


Ys Origin Arrives! Falcom Hints at Legend of Heroes VII in May?

Woohoo! Finally got the package this afternoon! Now I can look at this secret bonus gift they're sending out to people and enjoy the art collection. No import tax for this package fortunately and I notice that EMS seems to be always arrive in a muchcleaner state than UPS. Plus UPS is always charging a handling fee on top of the delivery charge -_-

So, it turns out the bonus gift is a 2007 calendar and a stand. They actually gave out a 2006 one free last year in Akiba too but unfortunately, my penpal in Japan couldn't get a hold of it for me. No promotional discs packed in this time either I'm afraid.

The 30cm ruler's there for scale.

And emptying the Ys Origin box itself there's the game manual, art book and the DVD-ROM case.

The case (or box) is about double the size of those old big DVD cases that used to be around. Only slim cases are used now but this case allows two discs at least. Should be able to store the bonus calendar inside once I'm finished with it in 2008! Or maybe that's not such a good idea with the disc inside...

And who needs to look at the Falcom Live 2007 site when we can just stick up this poster in our room?

So maybe carrying a laptop around or an extra PSP to play Ys is too much trouble... You can play it on your mobile if you're in Japan. You can even subscribe for Ys Manga too!

Bit of advertisement for the PSP version of "Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki". Already have it and the original PC games but if you don't have either already, I would probably recommend the PSP version because it has extras and don't require installing.

Seems lots of game series are celebrating their anniversary this year and Falcom celebrates 20 years of Ys with another art contest. Lots of cool prizes of the fans of course!

The company's recruiting new staff too... Game designers, programmers, graphic designers, editors and sound creators. Salary starts off at 194,000 Yen for college graduates, 170,000 Yen for dedicated school graduates.

Here's the game manual which is mostly black and white as with previous releases but the first pages are in full colour. Great paper quality as usual.

And how can it be complete without a bit of "Engrish"? "After a while, the accident was occurred" - Brilliant!


Here's the art book itself which comes with the first press editions of the game. After a while it won't come with the game so be sure to get it fast if you want it!

Obviously I won't scan in every picture so here is a select few. The twin Goddesses look kind of scary in the 3D render...

Mini calendar's made up of double-sided cards with original illustrations. Very nicely done too.

I like this December illustration with all the Falcom characters gathered together being themselves. Some funny things going on!

March features the illustration used in the Falcom Live 2007 poster and it just happens to be the month when the concert takes place so I'm wondering... The May calendar shows Kevin with a mysterious girl. Could Falcom be hinting about a Legend of Heroes VII in that month? After all, Kevin left players of ED6:SC with a new mystery in the story.

They will probably be working on the PSP port of ED6:SC now but after that I think it might be very likely they'll do ED7 which will probably concentrate on Kevin and his organisation. Estelle and Joshua will be sub-characters this time.

Well in any case, here's my new mini calendar for the year starting Monday! I'll have a bigger one to write things on too of course because I'm not going to write on this collector's item =P

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