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Nintendo DS Browser Release Set!

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Nintendo DS Browser Release Set!

Going for a price of 3800 Yen, the Nintendo Browser will go on sale in Japan on July 24th. Making use of the popular Opera browser, this NDS software will allow users to surf the internet using the system's Wi-Fi feature.

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Two versions of the Nintendo Browser will be available; one for the original NDS and one for the NDS Lite. The difference between the two is the physical size of the memory cartridge that comes with them. The NDS Lite version will come with a cartridge that fits into the NDS Lite's GBA slot perfectly.


While the browser software itself will come on an NDS game card, users must also have a memory expansion cartridge inserted into the GBA slot when browsing. Memory cartridges designed for the original NDS will be useable with the NDS Lite. Only thing is they will stick out at the bottom due to the larger size.


The browser will work via input through the touch screen while, displaying webpages on the top screen. Data can be entered using the ATOK handwriting recognition system and also, using a soft keyboard which has both Japanese and English characters. Icons along the bottom of the touchscreen will allow you to perform the common functions of a browser such as refresh, forward and back.

When the user turns on the NDS, he/she will first be able to select her profile which will keep a track of items such as favourites, browsing history and screen settings. One the user starts browsing, webpages can be viewed on either one screen or both screens. Users can also choose to zoom in at 5 different levels; 50%, 80%, 100%, 120% and 150%.

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