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More Gyakuten Saiban 4!

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More Gyakuten Saiban 4!

The New and the Old
Featuring some familiar characters such as the judge, GS4 will use the same touch screen control system from Gyakuten Saiban for the NDS, as well as a few new elements.


Odoroki Housuke
The new rookie attorney and protagonist this time round. Wearing a red suit, his pointy front hair is his trademark. Friends call him, "Odoroki-kun".

Notice the puns in the name just like the first few Gyakuten Saiban games had. While Naruhodo meant "I see," Odoroki means surprise and Housuke has something to do with the law.

The Mysterious Magician Minuki
A young girl who is currently shrowded in mystery.

Will she be the one who helps out Odoroki Housuke in the court?
What rabbits of proof will she pull out from her silk hat?
Will she use her magic wand to make unfavourable evidence disappear?
Is she a foe or a friend?
Will she even appear in Gyakuten Saiban 4?

Gyakuten Saiban 4 is due sometime this year.

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