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In a world in the near future, another world known as the "Digital World" was expanding in the network of computers. Thanks to a specialized team known as "DATS", the Digital Monsters that lived there was kept secret from the world of humans. But amongst children, rumours had were spreading about monsters being born from computers and who fought alongside humans...

Set in the same world as the popular Anime series Digimon, this game features:


  • A wide variety of Digimon to learn about and meet.
  • A Digifarm where you can leave your Digimon to train.
  • A scan and battle system where you can Digiconvert the Digimon you encounter in the wild to join your party.
  • Battle against friends through Wi-Fi or match Digimons to create Digi-Eggs.
  • Explore the Digital World and become the top ranking Tamer.
  • A total of 300 Digimon to see and tame.
Developer: Bandai
Release Date: 15th June 2006
Price: 5040 Yen

Those who pre-ordered the game in May get a special limited battle card of Raizgreymon.

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Version 1.00
June 2006

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Version History
3.0 Menus & Controls
4.0 Battles
5.0 Digifarms
6.0 Onegai Quests
7.0 Walkthrough
8.0 Credits & Contact Info

2.0 Version History


  • Walkthrough up to Gold Tamer rank.


  • Walkthrough up to Platinum Tamer rank.
  • Added a little more information about farm goods.
  • Quest section covers up to quest 49.


  • Completed walkthrough.
  • Added more info about evolving Digimon.

3.0 Menus & Controls

Starting the game will give you 4 options:

Wi-Fi Connection

Holding B during dialogue will speed it up and auto advance.


Once in the game, pressing Start or the R button will bring up your Digivice.

On the top screen, you'll find the 3 Digimon that you have selected to go into battle on the left column and on the right, is your sub 3 Digimon. Along the bottom is how much "Bits" you have (the game currency) and how much Digimon food you have. To the bottom-right is your current location.

At the bottom screen you have 6 options to choose from. On the top line, we have Digimon, Item and Onegai Quests. The second line there's Digifarm, Tamer Info and Save.


Here you can view info about each of the Digimon you have in your party and re-arrange them using the X button. On the top screen, the stats list your Digimon's...

Level Cap

To increase the level cap, you must either evolve your Digimon into a new form for the first time, or devolve your Digimon. Devolving your Digimon will lower your level and stats so it's best if you do this as early as possible. Each time you devolve your Digimon, the level cap will rise by a few levels.

Pressing A on any of the Digimon will give you further stats via the top screen:

Battle Type
Growth Type

You will also see 6 different coloured bubbles on the touch screen. These allow you to view Moves, Traits, Type EXP, Evolution Route and Gear.

Under Moves, you can see what moves your Digimon currently has and by pressing Select, you can also see what level you need to acquire each move.

Traits will show you the special characteristics your Digimon has such as an extra boost in attack power. It will also show how it supports a Digimon that is placed next to it.

Type Exp gives you a list of how much of each type of EXP your Digimon has got from defeating different types of enemies. For example, defeating a Dark type Digimon may give you 20 Dark EXP. The list you see are as follows:


And to to right of the list you'll see the total exp your Digimon has gained, how much until the next level and what level you can reach before you have to evolve.

Under Evolution Route, you can see what forms your Digimon can evolve into and the condition you must meet. Usually this means reaching a certain level. Others include reaching a certain level of friendship or, gaining so much EXP from a certain type of wild Digimon. Pressing A on any of the forms pictured will show you the paths they can take and pressing X will bring up a sub-menu. This sub-menu consists of:

Check Stats

As mentioned above, devolving your Digimon will raise the level cap. The following list is some of the key conditions you must meet to evolve your Digimon:

  • LV ??+
  • Dragon (???) / Beast (???) / Water (??) / Bird (??) / Insect (?????) / Machine (??????) / Dark (????) / Holy (??) Type EXP is ????+
  • Friendship (?????) is ?? %+
  • Stress (????) is ?? %+

Finally, we have Gear which is self-explanatory. Here you can buy gear from the shop at Digi Central to equip your Digimon with. Pressing A will bring up a menu that allows you to:

Change Gear
Remove Gear

Here is a list of the items you got from enemy drops or from the local shop in the east of Digi Central. Pressing A will bring up a menu that allows you to Use, Throw Away or Cancel.

Onegai Quests:
Here is a list of Digimon quests that you have completed or got from Digimon on your farm. The top screen shows details about the quests are what you have to do, the Digimon who requested, what rank you must be and how many Tamer Points you gain from the selected quest. At the bottom, you see a percentage of how much of the total number of quests you have completed. Pressing X will allow you to view the quest list by number or only those that are incomplete. Pressing Select will reveal what conditions you must fulfill before you can gain a quest.

This is pretty similar to the menus you'll find when on the Digifarm so, refer to that section for more details.

Tamer Info:
At the top screen you'll see:

Tamer Rank
Current Location
Play Time
Tamer Points

Your rank will decide what froms your Digimon can evolve into.

At the bottom, you'll find 3 oval buttons that give you various Tamer stats.

First gives:

Digimon Encyclopaedia Completion
Quest Completion
Defeated Digimon
Highest Damage
Highest Digimon Level
No. of Friends

Second shows you a DigiEgg Encyclopaedia and the third shows you your Digimon Encyclopaedia.

4.0 Battles

While walking around the maps, you will enounter random battles that take place on an horizontal line, made up of 5 squares. Usually only one digimon will appear on one of the squares but, a maximum of 5 can also appear.

A Tamer can have up to 6 different digimon with him/her but, can only allow 3 onto the field at any time. However, you can use the commands "Move" and "Change" to organise your party.

When a fellow digimon is next to another digimon on the battlefield, they will support each other, giving them a boost in a one of their stats. What stat gets boosted will get will depend on the type of digimon that acts as the support.

Battles are turn based as in most RPGs and you will be able to see which Digimon's turn is next by looking at the top screen. The speed of your Digimon will determine how often they can attack during battles.

There will be 4 commands during battles:


Fight is the command you will be using the most. Choosing this will allow you to choose which move your Digimon uses to attack the enemy or, use any other abilities it has.

Evolution Disks (???????) are also available for use in which your digimon will evolve into its ultimate form for the duration of the battle. This will allow you to use its ultimate move once but will return it to its original form.

Digimon can have 6 different status effects: Paralysis, Confusion, Sleep, Poison, Stun and Death.

Notice that a scanner will also appear, scanning each wild Digimon as they appear before a fight starts. This is Scanning System and is how you can make new Digimon join your party. Everytime you encounter a Digimon, your Digivice will gather a little more data about it and eventually, the percentage at the bottom-left will reach over 100%. When this happens, the OK button will flash. This means you can go to your Digifarm and Digi-Convert the data to make the Digimon join you.

5.0 Digifarms

The Digifarm is a facility where you can leave your digimon to be looked after and every in-game day that passes, it will grow up a little. These can be obtained by buying from the Farm Shop in the west of Digi Central or quests.

Each day that passes on your Digifarm is represented by the D-Gauge that's on the top-left of your Digivice. Whenever this gauge fills up, that's one day in your Digifarm. Whenever this happens, Kurumon will send a report of how your digimon are doing. The first page of the report shows what stats have changed for each of your Digimon, the second page shows changes in your farm goods, the fourth shows the total about of food you have and under it, how much food you're gaining/losing per day.

Your Digifarm can at first, hold only 2 digimon but, you can also choose to expand your farm by speaking with the Falcomon (Owl Digimon) at the Farm Shop. Select the first option and, if you have more than one farm, you will have to choose which farm first. Afterwards, you have the option to expand, increase exp and increase harvest rate.

There are different types of Digifarms such as ones that can raise dragon types easily and ones that can't raise them very well. You'll have to check the compatibility before leaving your digimon there which will be represented by a percentage. This will affect the growth rate for your Digimon.

Everyday, your digimon at the farm will be given food. How much they need to eat will depend on what stage of evolution they are at. The bigger they are, the more they need to eat. If they run of food at the farm then, they will stop growing and your friendship status with the Digimon will drop. It will also increase its stress bar. Food can be bought from the Farm Shop but, you can also find plenty of it being dropped by wild Digimon that you defeat. Your farm itself also generates a certain amount of food per day and you can increase this by upgrading at the Farm Shop.

When you enter your farm through the red gate in Digi Central, you'll find stats for your farm on the top screen.

Along the bottom of the screen will also be three large icons which give you sub-menus.

Digifarm Icon
Allows you to view your farm stats and what Digimon is currently on your farm. The second option in the sub-menu also allows you to visit any other farms you have.

Digimon Icon
Allows you to speak with your Digimon, view a Digimon list and do a Digiconvert.

Speaking with a Digimon will let you know how it's doing on your farm. It will also increase your friendship status with that digimon and make it stronger during battles. At the same time, if this lowers, your digimon can also grow weak.

To increase your digimon's friendship status, you can do the following:

Speak with them on the Digifarm.
Let them join battles and win.
Complete some quests.

Friendship can drop in the following ways:

Not speaking with your digimon on the farm.
Getting them KOed in battles.
Not leaving them with enough food.

When your friendship lowers, digimon will stop listening to your commands in battle. If you then leave the digimon at the farm, it will protest and affect the status of your other digimon.

Speaking to your Digimon will also give you Onegai Quests that give you Tamer Points. View the Onegai Quests section for more details.

If you view a list of your Digimon, and press A, you can:

View Stats
Erase Data

Choosing to move will give you another menu: Move to Party, Move to Farm, Move to Bank and Cancel.

Digiconvert will allow you to convert the data of any Digimon that you have as long as it is above 100%. The Digimon will then go into your Digibank which you can manage by viewing the Digimon list.

Training Icon
The three options here are Train, Manage Goods and Store Good.

Train will allow you to train your Digimon personally using the goods which have reached a certain level.

Choosing Manage Goods will give you a list of all the Farm Goods you possess. These goods can be obtained by buying them from the Farm Shop or sometimes as a reward from Tamer Points. The goods available at the shop will change each game day and will also depend on your rank. Goods help support your Digimon's growth. How your Digimon's stats change will depend on what goods you purchase for them.

So what stats can the goods boost? Well, lookout for the follow JP characters in square??brackets:

????, ATK (e.g., Sandbag)
????, DEF (e.g., Canon)
????, AGI (e.g., Spinning Board)
???????, Element Resistance (e.g., Campfire for +Fire Res)
????, Stress (e.g., Toilet)
?????, Friendship (e.g., Mobile Phone)

Once a good has been set on the farm for a number of days, it will level up, increasing its overall effect on your Digimon. The maximum level for a good is 3 and you will then be able to do some special dedicated training with your Digimon. However this will increase their stress and eventually they won't be able to train anymore. To recover a digimon from stress, you can talk to it and let it rest on the farm. You may also put them into your party then, buy some chocolate (??????) or chocolate parfait (??????) from the items shop to lower their stress.

On the top screen you can see a description of a good's effect. At the bottom-left list, you can the the good's level, number of days set and how many days until next level.

Selecting a good with the A button will give you the option to place a good or, throw it away. The last option is to exit the sub-menu.

6.0 Onegai Quests

Onegai Quests can be obtained from speaking to your Digimon. What quests are available will depend on your rank and other conditions. Details of each quest can be viewed via your Digivice. You don't have to complete these quests but doing so will increase the friendship between you and your digimon as well as give you more Tamer Points. Tamer Points do not affect your Tamer rank but, you can speak to Professor Kogure in the Tamers Union and swap them for rewards.

There is a total of 60 Onegai Quests and here are a few of them.

No. 1, I Want Thoma's Autograph
Requesting Digimon: Tokomon
Required Tamer Rank: Normal Tamer
Tamer Points: +50
Requirement: Have 5+ Digimon and have defeated Ogremon in the Data Forest.

Tokomon is a big fan of Thoma the Tamer and it just happens that he's visiting Digi Central. Tokomon wants you to get an autograph for him so go outside the Farm Shop to find Thoma. Thoma seems to be worried about something and it turns out he's looking for his Gaomon who went off for a walk in Data Forest. Go there to find him then bring him back to Thoma for an autograph.

No. 2, I Want a DigiHotdog
Requesting Digimon: Agumon
Required Tamer Rank: Normal Tamer
Tamer Points: +200
Requirement: Defeated Ogremon in Data Forest and have Agumon on Farm.

Get the DigiHotdog from Data Forest.

No. 3, I Want to Make Friends Again
Requesting Digimon: Buimon
Required Tamer Rank: Normal Tamer
Tamer Points: +200
Requirement: Buimon is in the farm and Wormmon isn't one of your Digimon.

Speak with Wormmon in the Item Shop area.

No. 4, Go Listen to a Live Concert for Me
Requesting Digimon: Betamon
Required Tamer Rank: Normal Tamer
Tamer Points: +200
Requirement: Betamon is on farm and you have defeated Ogremon in the Data Forest.

Betamon has got some tickets to go to Etemon's live concert but he doesn't want to go. He'll ask if you can go for him instead. Pick the first option to answer yes. All you have to do is go back to where Ogamon was in Data Forest, listen to Etemon's singing and then you can talk to Betamon to finish it off.

No. 5, Gilmon Wants to Eat some Bread
Requesting Digimon: Gilmon
Required Tamer Rank: Normal Tamer
Tamer Points: +450
Requirement: Gilmon on your farm and Tokkun Mountain is accessible.

Speak with Mika outside the Tamers Union.

No. 6, Deliver a Digivice.
Requesting Digimon: Tokomon
Required Tamer Rank: Normal Tamer
Tamer Points: +200
Requirement: Clear quest no. 1.

A Tamer named Masaru left his Digivice behind while talking to Tokomon. Find Masaru inside the Tamers Union where Professor Kogure is. Seems he is a friend of Thoma and they're in Central to find out about something.

No. 7, Deliver a Message.
Requesting Digimon: Patamon
Required Tamer Rank: Normal Tamer
Tamer Points: +450
Requirement: Clear quest no. 6.

Patamon told a girl named Yoshino that he hadn't seen a King Etemon but, then he remembers he saw it in Data Forest. Go find Yoshino inside the Tamers Union at the square where Agumon is. Yoshino will rush off to tell Masaru and Thoma.

No. 8, I Want to Polish my Helmet
Requesting Digimon: Kaburimon
Required Tamer Rank: Bronze Tamer
Tamer Points: +450
Requirement: Have Kaburimon on farm and have defeated Arukenimon.

Retrieve metal brush from Kaburimon in the Mushi Mushi Jungle.

No. 9, Bring some Toilet Paper
Requesting Digimon: Roppumon
Required Tamer Rank: Bronze Tamer
Tamer Points: +200
Requirement: Have a single toilet on the farm.

The toilet paper's been used up in the toilet you bought for the farm. Now Roppumon wants you to get some more in Tokkun Mountains. Make your way to where Blackgumon is and you'll find it along the way.

No. 10, Find the DM Light
Requesting Digimon: Ankiromon
Required Tamer Rank: Bronze Tamer
Tamer Points: +450
Requirement: Have Ankiromon on the farm and have defeated Plachinascamon.

Retrive the DM Light from the Sewer Tunnels.

No. 11, Bring some Herbal Medicine
Requesting Digimon: (Any Digimon with a quiet personality)
Required Tamer Rank: Bronze Tamer
Tamer Points: +200
Requirement: Spoke to Pandamon in Cliff Valley already.

Retrieve the medicine from Cliff Valley.

No. 12, Bring a Sleeping Pillow
Requesting Digimon: Bakumon
Required Tamer Rank: Bronze Tamer
Tamer Points: +450

Retrieve the pillow from Data Forest.

No. 13, Bring a Gear Back
Requesting Digimon: Hagurumon
Required Tamer Rank: Bronze Tamer
Tamer Points: +450
Requirement: Spoke with Pandamon in Cliff Valley.

Retrieve from Guardromon in Cliff Valley.

No. 14, I Want more Flowers
Requesting Digimon: Parumon
Required Tamer Rank: Bronze Tamer
Tamer Points: +450
Requirement: Defeated Arukenimon.

Retrieve the DigiSeed from Mushi Mushi Jungle.

No. 15, I Want to Eat Inari Sushi
Requesting Digimon: Roppumon
Required Tamer Rank: Bronze Tamer
Tamer Points: +800
Requirement: 4000+ Tamer Points

Speak with Renamon outside the Tamers Union.

No. 16, I Want a Love Charm
Requesting Digimon: (Any Digimon like Teriamon)
Required Tamer Rank: Bronze Tamer
Tamer Points: +450

Teriamon wants a love charm and Monzaemon has one. Fortunately, he happens to be in Central just now so go find him near the items shop. He looks like a teddy bear. Bring it back to Teriamon but she won't tell you who she's fallen in love with.

No. 17, Catch the Robber
Requesting Digimon: Roppumon
Required Tamer Rank: Bronze Tamer
Tamer Points: +450
Requirement: Cliff Valley accessible and cleared quest no. 7.

Someone has stolen all the food from the farm and has ran into Mushi Mushi Jungle. Go there and walk a little further away from the gate for an event. King Etemon is the robber and Masaru, Thoma, Yoshino will work together to capture him. They introduce themselves as members of DATS, a secret group who works to catch bad Digimon.

No. 18, Find Material for the Experiment
Requesting Digimon: Visormon
Required Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer
Tamer Points: +800
Requirement: Have 5+ Digimon in complete form.

Gather 100% data from the Renamons in the Sewer Tunnels.

No. 19, I Want a Cool Shirt
Requesting Digimon: Gotsumon
Required Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer
Tamer Points: +800

Speak with Masahiko in the Item Shop area.

No. 20, I Want a New Horn
Requesting Digimon: Gekomon
Required Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer
Tamer Points: +800
Requirement: Beaten Tonosamagekomon.

Bring a new horn from Tonosama in the Packet Swamp.

No. 21, Kiuimon's Friend
Requesting Digimon: Kiuimon
Required Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer
Tamer Points: +450
Requirement: Kamemon isn't one of your Digimon.

Make Kamemon one of your Digimon (maybe put him in the same farm).

No. 22, Together with Kotemon
Requesting Digimon: Beamon
Required Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer
Tamer Points: +450
Requirement: Kotemon isn't one of your Digimon.

Make Kotemon one of your Digimon.

No. 23, Bring some Darts
Requesting Digimon: Pikodebimon
Required Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250
Requirement: Defeated Deramon

Gather Togemon's data.

No. 24, ???
Requesting Digimon: Hanumon
Required Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer
Tamer Points: +800
Requirement: Have 60+ entries in your Digimon Encyclopaedia.

No. 25, Retrieve a Pure DM
Requesting Digimon: Aquiramon
Required Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer
Tamer Points: +800
Requirement: Have 60+ entries in your Digimon Encyclopaedia.

Get the DM from Cron Mines.

No. 26, I Want a Samba CD
Requesting Digimon: Muchomon
Required Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer
Tamer Points: +800
Requirement: ???

No. 27, Bring Back a Pudding Recipe
Requesting Digimon: Sanfloumon
Required Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250
Requirement: Defeated Deramon

Bring the recipe back from Piccolomon in the Tropical Islands.

No. 28, Find the Microphone I Forgot About
Requesting Digimon: Etemon
Required Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer
Tamer Points: +800
Requirement: Playtime is a total of 10+ hours.

No. 29, Get the Trash for me
Requesting Digimon: Gokimon
Required Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250
Requirement: 10,000+ Tamer Points

Get the trash from Garbemon in the Sewer Tunnels.

No. 30, I Want to Become Stronger
Requesting Digimon: (Any Digimon with a cool personality)
Required Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer
Tamer Points: +800

Do some personal training with any good.

No. 31, Find out the Who the Ghost is
Requesting Digimon: (Any Digimon who isn't very brave.)
Required Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer
Tamer Points: +800
Requirement: Cleared quest no. 6

Go to Cron Mines for an event.

No. 32, Pass Pandamon's Quiz
Requesting Digimon: Pandamon (?)
Required Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250
Requirement: Have 30+ Digimon.

Go solve Pandamon's quiz in Cliff Valley.

No. 33, I Want to Play Pachinko
Requesting Digimon: Impmon
Required Tamer Rank: Silver Tamer
Tamer Points: +800
Requirement: Defeated Tonosamagekomon.

Get the Pachinko from Koemon in the Packet Swamps.

No. 34, ???
Requesting Digimon: Gizamon
Required Tamer Rank: Gold Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250
Requirement: You Digiconverted a level 40+ Digimon.

No. 35, ???
Requesting Digimon: Ladydebimon
Required Tamer Rank: Gold Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250

No. 36, I Want some Roast Chicken!
Requesting Digimon: Tyranomon
Required Tamer Rank: Gold Tamer
Tamer Points: +1800
Requirement: Have 120+ entries in Digimon Encyclopaedia.

Gather complete data from Katorimon.

No. 37, ???
Requesting Digimon: Vandemon
Required Tamer Rank: Gold Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250
Requirement: Completed 30+ quests.

No. 38, I Want Ikkakekumon's Hair
Requesting Digimon: Taomon
Required Tamer Rank: Gold Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250
Requirement: The Cold Mountain Range is accessible.

Gather complete data from Ikkakumon.

No. 39, Bring some DigiOil
Requesting Digimon: (Any dragon, beast or holy type Digimon)
Required Tamer Rank: Gold Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250

Find the DigiOil in the Junk Factory.

No. 40, Find a Way to Prevent Cavities
Requesting Digimon: Ibirumon
Required Tamer Rank: Gold Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250

Bring back the tootpaste from Numemon in Packet Swamp.

No. 41, Find some DigiMilk
Requesting Digimon: (Any Digimon with a wild personality)
Required Tamer Rank: Gold Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250
Requirement: After saving a Digimon from the Tropical Islands.

Go to the Sky Palace to find the DigiMilk.

No. 42, ???
Requesting Digimon: Mamimon
Required Tamer Rank: Gold Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250
Requirement: After saving a Digimon from the Tropical Islands.

No. 43, ???
Requesting Digimon: Rabitmon
Required Tamer Rank: Gold Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250

No. 44, I Want a D1 Ticket
Requesting Digimon: (Any cheerful Digimon)
Required Tamer Rank: Gold Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250
Requirement: After saving a Digimon from the Cold Mountain Range.

Get a D1 ticket from the Gabuterimon in Mushi Mushi Jungle. You'll have to fight for it.

No. 45, Return a CD I Borrowed
Requesting Digimon: (Any forgetful Digimon)
Required Tamer Rank: Gold Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250
Requirement: After saving a Digimon from the Cold Mountain Range.

Return the CD to Mamemon in the Cold Mountain Range.

No. 46, ???
Requesting Digimon: Gururumon
Required Tamer Rank: Gold Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250

No. 47, I Don't Want to Date
Requesting Digimon: Angewumon
Required Tamer Rank: Gold Tamer
Tamer Points: +2450

Speak with Warumon outside the Tamers Union.

No. 48, Bring some DigiCream
Requesting Digimon: Rozemon (together with any dragon, beast or dark type Digimon)
Required Tamer Rank: Gold Tamer
Tamer Points: +1250

Retrieve the DigiCream from Mushi Mushi Jungle.

No. 49, ???
Requesting Digimon: Kenkimon
Required Tamer Rank: Platinum Tamer
Tamer Points: +2450
Requirement: Clear 40+ quests.

7.0 Walkthrough

Starting a new game will allow you to choose to be a boy or a girl. Afterwards, you may enter your name using 3 character sets along the bottom; Hiragana, Katakana or English. One done, tap the bottom-right button to finish and tap the left button to confirm.

In a classroom.

Looks like class is over...

Everyone's gone home already!

There was a rumour going around that it was a holiday today.

Sits down at a computer and turns it on

I wonder what's this about monsters being born from computers?

What could it be all about?!

I heard they get along with humans and fight alongside them so...

Maybe they're not bad monsters then.

If there really are such monsters...

I'd like to meet them once at least.

Well, lets try looking them up.

Starts typing into a search engine.

Hmmm... What should I search for? Lets try "computer".

And "mysterious monsters"...

A website comes up.

Hmmm... "Digital Monsters"? What on earth is that...?

Could it be talking about those monsters in the rumours lately?

OK then, lets try looking up "digital monsters" this time...

Screen stays on a status bar for a long time.

That's odd... the server seems to be very busy...

Suddenly it changes.


Wh- What's this?!

Picture disappears.

It's gone! But what was that just now?!

I was sure I saw something in the computer's monitor there...

It felt like I was looking at another world full of monsters...

Could that be the monsters in the rumours lately?

A new e-mail arrives.

...Huh? What could this be? There's a new message for me.

"Do you wish to open the door to the Digital World?"

...Digital World? What on earth could that be?

Could it be referring to the thing I just saw...?

Monitor starts blinking
What the?! Wha- What's going on?!


Player disappears from in front of the computer and lands in another place.


...Huh? Where am I?!

I'm sure I was at school a moment ago...

Something bleeps.

...Huh? There's something hanging around my neck...

...What on earth could this thing be?

It doesn't look like a mobile phone...

What on earth is happening here? I don't get it...

Alright, lets move onto the next step!

Someone's over there! I should go check it out!

Walks on over.

Huh? Wh- What is that?!

OK, listen up. First Mamemon and I will spar.

So watch carefully.

...Heaven's Arrow!

Smiley Bomb!

Wow! This is awesome! They look really cool!

CV Angemon:
It'll still be too hard for any of you to perform the powerful moves you just saw.

But once you've evolved one day,

You will be able to do it!

That's right. That's what we digital monsters are all about!

Digital monsters?! Those are digital monsters...?

Then those rumours...

Are they true then?

CV Angemon:
Alright, lets review what we learned.

We are digital monsters, digimon for short...

What happens to us when we are born? Koromon, you answer.

Hmmm~ We're born from DigiEggs and grow into the infancy stage!

Yes, and then afterwards you evolve into the stronger growing stage...

Like me, Agumon.

And after that, you become like me Gaogamon,

The fairly strong adolescence stage.


Then you become like me, the complete stage...

CV Angemon:
And finally, you evolve into the ultimate form like me.

But well, there are Digimon that evolves differently.

Ummm... Can I ask a question?

CV Angemon:
Yes, what is it Tokumon?

We- Well, you keep mentioning about evolving...

What does it mean exactly? I don't know what i have to do to evolve.

Well, basically it means,

We just have to work hard...

But there are many things that don't go too well during that process...

CV Angemon:
Yes, that's right. And that's why we digital monsters...

I mean digimon, must have a good human trainer,

To raise us!

OK, we'll leave it there for this time. We continue next time!

Right, understood!

The digimon teleports away.

Ah- They all disappeared!

That thing over there probably takes you somewhere if you stand on it.

Now that I think about it, those digimon...

They said something about humans...

Does that mean I'll be able to get along with them,

Just like in the rumours?

Ri- Right! Lets just try going on this thing!

After being teleported to another place.

...Woah, what is this place?

It looks like I'm in a completely different world from the one I was in earlier...

Oh~ I've never seen you around before...

...An- Another monster!

Not again. Everyone keeps calling me that...

I'm not a monster, I'm a digimon~

But Mo montai (Cantonese for "No problem.")... I'm used to it.

By the way, I can see clearly see you're a newcomer around here.

Welcome to the Digital World!

Digital World? So I was right...

That's right~ You see, this place is different from your world.

This is place full of us, digimon~

Especially in this place called Digi Central.

This is the HQ of the Tamers Union where you humans belong to~

Huh? Tamers Union? Now that you mention it...

Those digimon I saw earlier mentioned something about Tamers...

Well, you see, Tamers...

Become a partner to us digimon,

And help guide us in evolving.

The Tamers Union gathers Tamers together...

And support them, like us digimon~

So- So if I become a Tamer...

Does that mean I can get along with digimon?

Yup, of course~!

I- I see. Then hmmm...

I'll go to the Tamers Union and take a look first!

Sure! The Tamer Office is just straight ahead from here...

Just above the Tamers Union~

OK, got it. Thanks...

Well, have a nice trip!

  • So go NE into the next area.

Hmmm... I can get to the union this way, right?

Another boy bumps into the Player.

Ow! What the hell are you doing!

Ah, I- I'm sorry...

Oh, ummm, you're human aren't you?!

Of course I am! Do I look like a digimon to you?

So there are other humans here~!

I'm so glad~ I thought I was alone~

...So you just came here, then?

Haha, you're pretty much like me then.

I'm called Kazuya. Nice to meet you!

I'm [Player's Name]. Nice to meet you too!

By the way, is there anyone else here?

Ah, of course. There's around 30 people here I think.

Wow, that many? Are they all Tamers?

Well, most of them are!

But anyway, since you just arrived...

You don't have a digimon partner or have a digifarm do you?

...Digifarm? What's that?

It's the system used to raise digimon in this world!

Take a look at my one!

Wow~! So many digimon!

Ah, that digimon looks happy about something!

Ah, that's Gabumon!

I prefer beast type digimon.

If you leave your digimon in this place,

Your digimon grows up fast!

Wow, sounds good! I want a Digifarm too!

If you do then, you'll have to go register as a Tamer first.

You can do that at the Tamer Office.

Oh. I was just going there.

Really? Well, good luck to us both!

At the Tamer Office:

Ah, there you are.

You're the new Tamer candidate, [Player Name], aren't you!

Excuse me but, who are you? Are you a Tamer?

Oh no. I'm not a Tamer...

I studying everything in this world.

My name is Kogure Haruhiko. Please call me Gure-san.

Hmmm, how did you know my name...?

Hohoho. Well...

When you saw this world on your computer, I saw you on the screen.

Now that you mention it...

When you saw this world, I took down your computer screen.

Then I read your life force energy and entered that data in here.

And from that data...

I could tell that you would be an appropriate candidate to be a Tamer...

In other words, you were summoned to this world!

Since you've made your way here,

You must know a little about this world already.

Well, sort of...

I believe,

That digimon and humans will always get along.

And that's why I'm here to verify that.

But I'll need help from people like you. Will you help me?

Hmmm, does that mean I can get along with digimon if I help you?

Why yes, of course!

But it really all depends on your heart...

  • I understand. I'll try. *
  • I don't believe this...

I'm glad to hear that.

Well then, I'll introduce you to the leader and get you started as a Tamer.

...O- OK. I look forward to your acquaintance!

Moving off to meet the leader.

Ah, that was the digimon I saw earlier...

He was the one that was teaching some other digimon!

CV Angemon:
Ah, Professor Kogure.

Is this the new Tamer candidate?!

Ah, that's right. Very promising, don't you think?

CV Angemon:
[Player Name], welcome to the Tamers Union!

I am the leader, CV Angemon!

Pleased to meet you!

Pl- Pleased to meet you...

CV Angemon:
There is no one else who is allowed in this land,

Apart from people like you who want to help Professor Kogure.

This area of the world...

Was just made so most of the digimon are still out in the wild.

That's where you humans come in.

We want you to raise lots of fine digimon...

So that we can make this area a wonderful place.

I do hope you will do well!

OK, I- I understand...

CV Angemon:
Raise lots of digimon here and,

You too should aim to surpass yourself as a Tamer!

For you Tamers who have such an aim,

There are 5 ranks you can obtain.

Normal, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

As you advance through the ranks,

You will be able to control more generations of Digimon.

As well as be able to use more items and open treasure chests.

Do your best...

To become a Platinum Trainer as fast as possible!

For the Number One Trainer,

He/She will earn the title Tamer King.

And be granted a rare digimon in this world,

Where only one exists!

Ra- Rare digimon?

Pardon me but, what kind of digimon is it?

CV Angemon:
I can't tell you that.

If you really want to know, you will have to become the Tamer King yourself!

Yes, sir. I'll try my best!

I do look forward to your progress, [Player Name]!

Well, you'll have to do your best from here!

I can't wait to see the bond you and your digimon will have!

CV Angemon:
Well, let us begin the Tamer registration process.

Hey, Agumon! Help him register!

Yes, yes, I know~!

Now walk over there.

We'll be taking your Tamer registration.

At the counter.

First, we'll need that thing around your neck.

We'll be transferring the Digifarm data over to your Digivice.

Cool, so this is called a Digivice...

There you go. Transfer complete~

Ah! The Digivice is glowing!

Once a Digivice has received the Digifarm data...

It will glow when it detects your power~

Now the registration is complete.

First, as a normal Tamer, you will have to raise a digimon,

Until it will allow you to evolve it into the growing stage!

This Digivice you have has various info on it so,

Be sure to check it all the time~

It'll know what name the digimons you come across is.

I see. That's so convenient!

And now the important part!!

All the data of the digimon you meet...

Will be recorded into the Digivice.

It's called the Scan System.

Once you collect enough data using the Scan System...

You'll be able to create a digimon partner,

In your very own place!

Ah, got it! You're talking about the Digifarm right?

Right, you know quite a bit already, don't you.

So will I be able to get a Digifarm of my own soon?

I'm sorry but, I can't hand one to you yet~

First you have to enter your power into the Digivice.

I see. But how do I do that?

What do I have to do?

First, I'll introduce you to your first partner Digimon.

Then you go adventuring with it and gather experience as a Tamer.

I get it. So, let me try now!

Alright, pick your partner from these 3~

  • Starting from the bottom left green digimon, you have a choice of:
    Tanemon: Insect/Plant Type. Has lots of MP to use lots of special moves.
    Koromon: Dragon Type. Good balance between attack and defence.
    Tsunomon: Beast Type. High attack power.
  • Select the first option after talking to one of the digimon to select it. You then get to name your digimon if you want.

Well, that's the end of the process.

I'll be here all the time so,

If there's anything you don't understand, come ask~

Ah, thanks for everything!

Digivice beeps.

Ah, my Digivice is glowing again! What's the matter I wonder?

Ah, the Observer is calling.


They're great digimon who gives the Tamer advice~

You return to the leader room where you were earlier...

And see the Observer~

OK, got it!

  • Go back NE to find Angemon.

CV Angemon:
Ah, you're now a Normal Tamer I see...

But still, this is just the real beginning.

To become a real excellent Tamer,

It's important that you gain lots of knowledge and experience.

And that is where we will give you guidance,

When you are in trouble.

Let me introduce your Observer.

He will give you various instructions but, don't worry.

The Observers are there to help you.

Now please take care.

I- I understand!

CV Angemon:
It's your turn now, Qinglongmon!

Understood... Welcome, Tamer [Player Name]!

Wo- Woah! A dragon digimon?!

That is correct. I am the Observer Qinglongmon,

Who advises Normal Tamers. Pleased to be of acquintance.

Ye-Yes, pleased to meet you!

First, I must tell you that we Observers...

Are in charge of judging a Tamer's rank.

And I, Qinglongmon, is the one who judges Normal Tamers.

That is why until you become a Bronze Tamer...

I want you to follow my advice.

Pardon me but...

What kind of digimon,

Are the other Observers?

That is a secret for now.

Look forward to advancing in your ranks.

I will now give you your first goal.

As a Tamer, you will first,

Have to get a hold of a Digifarm.

Y- Yeah...

I am actually in charge of,

Deciding who obtains a Digifarm.

So, let me think. Ah, that's right...

You will go to the Data Forest,

And gather data about one digimon type that will attack you.

Then I will know what power you have and reward you a Digifarm.

I- I understand!

If you need to, you may return to Digi Central,

To completely recover your HP and MP.

Don't push yourself too hard at first and come back safe.

Now go out there and do your best!!

  • So, lets get started! Return to where Teriamon was, step on the green teleporter and press A. Teriamon will stop you for a moment to tell you about how everytime you want to go somewhere, you need an address to the area. Once you enter the area, information about it will be uploaded to your Digivice.
  • Walk on for an event.

Kyaaa! Is anyone there?!

That voice...

Two digimon runs towards the Player.

Sorry but, please help us!

Gob~! Give it up!

Just stay still and let me take care of you -Gob!

Ah, watch out! Quickly, over here!

We're both injured,

So Gaomon and I can't fight~!

I thought it would be an easy fight against him but...

I got caught off guard! Damn!

Al- Alright! Leave it to me! But ummm...

I don't know how to fight!

Gob! Who the hell are you?

Ah, who cares. I'll kill you all -Gob!

Thi- This is bad! What should I do?!

...Is this the first time you battled?

Ye- yeah, that's right!

I see... Then I'll teach you how!

  • Select the last option to leave the tutorial menu.

He was weak when I fought him so...

You will beat him! We're counting on you now!!

After a quick battle.

Wh- What the! I lost?! -Gob

Goblinmon disintigrates.

Alright! I won! Thanks, Gaomon!

I was wondering how it would turn out for a moment there!

You done well for your first battle!

...What's your name?

I'm [Player Name]. Pleased to meet you!

We're really grateful to you for saving us!

We should give you something as thanks...

I know! We just got some data from a Poyomon.

We'll give that to you!

Really?! Wow, thanks!!

Digivice beeps.

Ah, I got Poyomon's data now!

We were actually heading to the Tamer Office,

To help as battle assistants.

So if there's anything about battles you don't understand.

Just come and ask us!

OK, I will.

Well, we're going to return to Digi Central first.

Digivice beeps again.

It's beeping again! What is it this time I wonder?

There is nothing to be anxious about. It is me.

I'm contacting you through,

Your Digivice.

I see.

I see you have captured some data from a digimon.

I'll now give you a Digifarm as promised.

Woohoo! Thank you so much!!

[Player Name], did you just get a Digifarm? -Kuru

Kurumon wants to thank you too so...

I'll help out with it -Kuru

Re- Really you will?!

I'll be at your Digifarm from now on so,

If there's anything you don't know, ask me! -Kuru

You don't mind do you, Chironmon? -Kuru

Yes, that would be the safest place for you too...

Very well. I'll allow you special permission.

Waaaai! Thank you -Kuru!

Well then, I'm off to your Digifarm! -Kuru

You should return to Digi Central now...

And take a look at your Digifarm.

Yes, sir!

Alright! Back to Digi Central!

Back at Central.

Yes, I'm back now!

But what should I do?

What's wrong now?

Well, I just received a Digifarm but...

I don't know how to get there...

Ah, that's all? Mo montai!

Just go on the gate over there~

That will take you to Digifarm.

And will take you to the one that belongs to you!

You can go anytime you want~

I see! Thanks!

No no, you're welcome~!

  • So, had on over to the red gate and hit A.

Welcome, [Player Name]!

Sorry for asking but,

Do you know how to use the Digifarm? -Kuru

  • Select the second option to say yes.

If there's anything you don't know...

Go speak with Agumon at the Tamers Union~ -Kuru

He can tell you anything about the farm! -Kuru

Anyway, since we have Poyomon's data...

We can Digi-Convert it to make him join us! -Kuru

You can only Digi-Convert on a farm! -Kuru

And digimon that's been converted...

Will be stored in a place called the Digibank...

You can put them into the farm by using the menu here! -Kuru

Lets raise lots of fine digimon here! -Kuru

Alright! I'll do my best!

Digivice beeps.

Ah, looks like the Observer is calling again!

Greetings. I presume that you've learned about the Digifarm now?

Yes, I get most of it now...

It is by making good use of the farm that you...

Will become an excellent Tamer! You must remember that well!

Ye- Yes, sir. I understand...

I know it's a bit sudden but...

I have a

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