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5 Centimetres Per Second Novel English Translation Completed

Finally got round to picking up the half done translation. Pretty hard to believe it’s been two years since then. Time flies, eh?

If I wasn’t a software developer myself it would have been quite tricky translating all the parts about programming. Other than the finished translation, you’ll also find I’ve added Shinkai’s Twitter feed to the bottom of the site and also a new guestbook feature! Anyone still remember those? You know, those days of dial-up 56k modems and before social media sites took over, it was a page where you left a little message for the website owner and its visitors.

Anyway, as with the previous stories, it contains a lot of new material – a lot more which should help clear up any questions you may have about the final episode of the movie. You can view a detailed comparison if you can’t be bothered reading through the translation. In the afterword of this novel, Shinkai notes that he started writing this novel when 5cm first premiered 2007 March in Shibuya and acts as a supplement to the movie.

Since then, there has also been a Manga version of the movie which I haven’t had a read yet. Other 5cm fans say there is new material in there too but maybe it’s just the same as the novel. There has also been another novel appropriately named as “One More Side” where a different author (under the supervision of Shinkai) takes a different approach to 5cm – mostly from Akari’s perspective instead of Takaki’s.

500 of you have said you want to see an official English version since the launch of my site. It might be worth asking Shinkai on Twitter about this too if you have an account.

Anyway, Takaki’s back story can get pretty depressing in the novel so don’t expect a heart-warming Christmas story!

Aside from that… Enjoy and happy holidays! =)

Read 5 Centimetres Per Second in English

20th June 2013 Update:
The site has now been taken down but you may still get most of the content including the translations in PDF here.

5 Centimetres per Second Novels

5 Centimetres Per Second, Cosmonaut Translation Completed

As you’ll no doubt already know, a new production blog is up and running for Shinkai’s next movie.

But while we’re waiting for the official site to be up with more details, here’s the next part of the novel translated in English, “Cosmonaut” which is told from Kanae’s perspective.

The water dazzled under the rising sun just above the horizon. The sky was blue and my body felt light in the water that felt warm against my skin. I was the only one floating on the sea of light. At times like these I feel as if I’m special and it makes me just a little bit happier. The problems that worried me couldn’t bother me right now.

I continued to paddle with all my energy wave after wave as I thought to myself that perhaps it was because I was so optimistic and got happy so easily that was the cause of my worries. The morning sea was beautiful. It was too hard to describe the colours of the waves as they clashed together little by little. It was enough to catch my attention as the surfboard I was on slid into the face of the next wave. I felt I was ready to stand up on the board but I lost my balance and fell beneath the waves. I failed again. I swallowed some sea water and some of it irritated my eye.

My first worry; I have never managed to stand up on my surf board over the past six months.

I made my way back up to the car park on the shore (it was really just an open field filled with overgrown weeds) and using the tall grass as cover there, I took off the wetsuit that was a perfect fit against my skin then hosed my naked body with water and changed into my school uniform. The place was deserted. The strong sea winds felt very comfortable after getting so hot from the exercise. My short, barely shoulder length hair dried almost in the blink of an eye. The rising sun cast long crooked shadows from the weeds over my white sailor suit top. I loved the sea but I particularly loved it the most when it was this season. If it was winter, it would have been very uncomfortable changing like this.

As I put on some lip balm on my dried lips I heard my older sister’s step wagon driving up so I took my surf board and sports bag with me and made my way to her. She was wearing a red jogging suit and reeling down the driver seat window when she called to me.

“Kanae, how did it go today?”

My sister was beautiful. Her hair was long and straight, she always kept her composure and she was a high school teacher. She was eight years older than I was and long ago I didn’t like her. Perhaps I had a complex where I would always compare and analyse the average little me against my brilliant sister. But I like her now. Before I knew it, I had come to respect her after she graduated from university and returned home to the island. If she didn’t wear that old jogging suit she would look a lot more beautiful than she did now. But maybe she did that because she didn’t want to stand out too much on this small island.

Again, you can read the rest and find a print out version at my fansite.

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Persona PSP Opening and Ending Lyrics

Still finishing the different branches in Persona PSP but I’ve already taken a liking to the music for some time.

Some notes Meguro made about these compositions is that he was aiming for the same pop style used in Persona 3/4 so that players who are playing this game because of those titles will feel more at home. He also wanted to experiment with the music to show how two-sided Persona is. For example, in the opening he starts off with some light pop before moving onto the intense beat of rock. Then there’s also some switching between English and Japanese in the lyrics.

Some of those approaches aren’t done for the first time to be honest. “Burn My Dread” mixed pop and rock together too.

On another note, it’s interesting how the lyricist for these two main theme songs also wrote the lyrics for Persona Trinity Soul’s first opening “Breakin’ Through” although I personally didn’t really like that song.

Well anyway, lets hope the European release of the game will get the free pre-order two disc soundtrack that America’s going to get!

Persona OST

Dream of Butterfly

Lyrics: Masao Komori
Composition: Shoji Meguro
Vocals: Yumi Kawamura


Dream of a butterfly, or is life a dream?
Don’t wanna wake up, coz I’m happier here

I was glad just to have you by my side
It was the only reality I needed

But it was all just a dream
Swaying and dissolving like bubbles in the dark ocean
When I woke up, no one was really there

There is nothing certain
Reaching for the shimmering shape in vain
That, I know is true in this place

What should I believe in to live on in this ever changing world?

I’m drowning (I can’t believe in you)
in sadness (but I cannot forget you)
calling out as I saw you (I will dig up my faith)
that night (and march on)

I believed (I cannot see ahead)
that it’s because (but I can’t keep standing still)
you are by my side (So I will close my eyes)
that I could grow strong (and march on)

I was afraid (Can’t lay the blame on you)
of sadness (but I cannot forgive you)
crying as I called out to you (So drenched up in rain)
that day (I’ll march on)

I realised (I cannot face the sun)
my weaknesses (but I cannot dream at night)
are because of you (So under the moonlight)
They all are (I’ll march on)

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Case of Nanaki Translation Completed, Thoughts

You can now read my translation of Case of Nanaki up on my other website FFVII Novels. Before anyone criticises my translations, I’d just like to point out that I’m simply sticking to as close to the original text as possible.

Despite it’s been almost 4 years since Kazushige Nojima wrote the last two stories of On the Way to a Smile, his writing style continues to be simplistic reading very much like a script than a novel. In my opinion, I think he uses too many short sentences and doesn’t spend much time building up the scenes. He jumps between the character’s thoughts and narration text too often and too suddenly. You can see the difference just by taking a look at the two excerpt translations I done from his stories and the Beast Player Erin novel.

In other words, if you really want his stories to read like a novel, you will have to spend quite some time re-wording.

Still, for an FFVII fan it’s great reading these stories with the familiar characters back again, re-visiting those locations from the game.

If you would like to point out mistakes or points requiring clarification, please drop me an email with the following:

  • A reference to the page number from the book.
  • Be constructive and explain why something is wrong.
  • Your name should I decide to make the correction and give you credits.

Case of Nanaki

With that aside… The fourth story tells of how Nanaki faces a new foe named, “Gilligan” after separating with the other members of the party and travels to witness life around the world after the events of the original FFVII. Along the way he tries to discern his feelings as a human or a beast.

Some thoughts (i.e. massive spoilers) ahead.

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