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Demon Gaze Review

Anyone into the old D&D style dungeon crawlers where you make 90 degrees turns should like this – If you don’t mind the cutesy “moe” Anime graphics.

To arms, friends!


In Demon Gaze, Flan runs a manor for adventurers which acts as your base for resting up, arranging party members, purchasing items and getting new quests.

Your main goal as “Demon Gazer” Oz, is to hunt down troublesome demons in various parts of the world and seal off the great evil that is about to awaken. To do this, you find portals and close them by defeating the demons. The demon you’re after may or may not be inside so by closing enough of them, you corner the demon and then use your Demon Gaze power to subdue them to become your partner.

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Last Ranker Review

Right, British slang joke aside…

In the story of Last Ranker written by Kazushige Nojima (FFVII, FFVIII, FFX, Kingdom Hearts etc.), Zig is tired of following the seemingly pointless traditions in his home town of Gantala. Seeing no future in staying there, he decides to leave and enrol in the city’s “Rankers”, an organisation established to train strong warriors. There, he vows on the same day as a daughter of royal lineage, Ren who becomes his rival. Coincidentally, the top ranking Seven Knights are missing a member. As Zig battles his way to the top, he begins to wonder if it was the right choice when he finds it is full of corruption and only the strong, high ranking survive.

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Xenoblade Review

In the world of Xenoblade, there were two gods – one of machine and one of flesh once locked in an seemingly endless battle. After their battle came to an end, lifeforms appeared on each of these dormant gods and a brand new war began between living creatures and machine. When Shulk’s home Colony-9 is attacked, killing many of the residents and his precious friend, he carries the only weapon that can hurt these brutal mechanical enemies the “Monado” and sets off on a journey for revenge. However, as he meets a new evolved kind of machine that can communicate as well as other races that suffers the same fate, he begins to seek other answers.

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Falcom Reveals Their First Fighter and New Sora no Kiseki RPG

Falcom must really love their “Sora no Kiseki” RPG setup because they are now working on a fourth title for the PSP!

There’s not much information regarding this new title named “Zero no Kiseki” at the moment other than teaser screenshots and that the protagonists are named Loyd Bannings and Elly McDowell. Apparently these characters were shown in the bonus “Legend of Heroes 7 Design Works” book that came as a bonus with their last game, Ys7.

Expect to see this sometime this year, 2010.

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Dragon Age Origins Awakening Expansion Review

Just 3 months after Bioware released their D&D Dragon Age Origins game, they release a brand new expansion pack and hints the true sequel will follow next year in 2011. Not a bad thing… As long as the game’s quality remains more or less the same.

In “The Awakening“, you’re now the Warden-Commander who is out to re-establish the Order of the Wardens but upon arrival at Vigil’s Keep in Amaranthine north of the old Denerim, you find it’s been attacked by Darkspawn – An evolved kind that seem more intelligent and can talk. Now it’s time for you to get to the root of it all while meeting a whole new cast of characters.

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