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Fantasy Golf Pangya Portable Getting Localised for Japan

According to Famitsu, Fantasy Golf Pangya Portable is heading for Japan on April 9th 2009. Good news for anyone who can’t read Korean well but understands Japanese like me? No details of any special editions of the game yet like the Korean versions but, I think it’s safe to say the Japanese version will get some kind of bonus too. I’d like to hear the OST!

Pangya Portable doesn’t seem any different from the other versions to be honest but, always great to have it on the move. I wonder why they didn’t go for the DS which probably would have earned them more cash? They could have just optimised the graphics.

Pangya Portable heads to Japan.

Represent Ashford Academy in Pangya

Looks like they’ve stopped pairing up characters in the Pangya costume event now. Just released a few days ago is the Ashford Academy uniform available for both male and female characters. I think they should have re-created some of the locations from the show as golf courses too.

Maybe they’ll end this with santa costumes… Guess who’s the lucky guy here then?

Pangya Portable to Have Three Different Packages

According to Ruliweb, Pangya Portable will be available in three packages – basic, limited and limited special.

Basic Edition

Contains the game and a premium members card. This card allows players to have the following privileges:

  • Use a total of 9 costumes from the PSP game in the online PC version.
  • Newcomer’s pack when joining online which includes 30,000 Pang Points.
  • Join in any future Pangya related events.

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Suzaku and Anya Joins Pangya

And our couple for this week in Pangya’s promotional costume event is Suzaku and Anya!

I kind of had the idea they would be listed but, wasn’t too sure. Again, Anya looks very odd with Kooh’s animations. Suzaku isn’t too bad with Max, considering how he looks during his self-righteousness during the show.

Two pairs left and no idea who they will be. Marianne and Charles…? Milly and Rivalz?