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Code Geass R2 Meets Fantasy Golf Pangya

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Code Geass R2 Meets Fantasy Golf Pangya

Looks like Pangya players can now dress up their characters to look like they're from Code Geass R2! I know it's fun but kind of silly too because it uses the game character animations. Kallen just doesn't look right using Arin's little prance and poses.

So I wonder what the remaining three sets are? Suzaku x Euphy... Wait. Euphy's not in R2. Who else can they pair up?

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Xcomp Author

She was still wearing that early on in R2. Good luck making your costume! :)




oh!! That's Kallen's R1 outfit though!! V_V I'm making that outfit for Anime North. My wig came, but it's a bit on the dark maroon side X_X