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Blog Up and Running Again

Finally my blog is back and running again after almost a whole week of being down. My web host wasn’t much help as with my previous host – both blaming bad coding on my site or even more ridiculously, my computer.

“Websites run off a server which in this case is located with your company. How can it be my computer?” No response from their support staff of course.

Before I started paying for private hosting, I noticed that nearly all web hosting ratings were brought down because the reviewers complained that when things go wrong, the hosting company’s support isn’t much help. I thought it was a bit harsh of the reviewers at first but now I’m beginning to think it’s true.

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Migrating to a New Host

20th February 2010, 23:35 GMT Update:

Finally. If you see this message then you’re now at my new domain and host.

It was pretty troublesome trying to import the big SQL database over because phpMyAdmin wouldn’t accept anything bigger than 2MB. I ended up trying to figure out how to import it directly via an SSH session and the command line. Didn’t take too long after that though.

You may have noticed the old domain name Xcomprandomness.co.uk now re-directs you here to Lhyeung.net. I’ll explain later once the rest of my re-designs are complete ^^;

Until then, I hope you continue enjoying the content I write here.

My blog’s migrated a number of times. Starting off from free blog services to someone’s own private server and now my own hosting space and domain.

Well, now I’m about to move again to a different host that offers a cheaper and better deal than the current one – And hopefully a more reliable service too. They offer unlimited bandwidth and more SQL databases whereas the current package only offers one and bandwidth that barely meets the current monthly demand.

Quite a bit to backup and move. Even though today’s connections are fast, when you’re working with paid hosting, you need to consider bandwidth i.e. how much data you’re downloading and uploading. If you just happen to have more on the server than your monthly quota allows then you could be in a little trouble. In my case, I’m still in the green so I’m good.

During the move you might have trouble accessing the site. It all depends on how frequently your ISP updates its internet address book i.e. flush its DNS records which could take a few hours to several days.

I’m working on some changes to the site’s layout to better organise the content I’m focusing on. I was hoping to get it all completed before the move but, it looks like they won’t be completed in time… Guess I’ll have to make them afterwards ^^;

別のサーバーへ移動します~ この間アクセス出来ないかもしれません。しばらくお待ち下さいね。


Scheduled Host Downtime

My blog’s going to have some downtime again only this time, it has nothing to do with used up bandwidth.

My host Daily will be moving its data centre between 10pm, Sunday 3rd May and 7am, Monday 4th May BST so my blog will be inaccessible during that time. Guess I’ll just have to prepare my posts offline.

I wonder if they offer any compensation for the business site owners for those 9 hours… Not that many would be shopping online during that time anyway but you never know.


Bandwidth Depleted for April, A Bit of Blog Stats

Ouch! Looks like the decision to host 227MB of those unofficial Trauma Centre OSTs privately really hit my bandwidth usage this month, eating up the full 30GB allowance and knocking my blog offline since around 08:30 BST. I don’t see many hits to those posts though, which means a lot of people must have been “leeching” off my blog even though I asked not to link directly to them nicely.

The New Blood OST being the most popular had 296 downloads (13.5GB), Second Opinion OST received 58 downloads (2.6GB) while Under The Knife OST received zero.

That only accounts for roughly half of my monthly bandwidth so I really don’t know where the other half went when my daily traffic’s halved since I decided to stop trying to cover all Japanese PSP/DS related news. Perhaps it’s because I host larger full size photos now when I’m reviewing purchases I make or taking those photo strolls.

Top 10 URLs for April 2009

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Service Price Plan Changes and Customer Notification

It’s been a year since I decided to go for paid hosting and I’ve yet to make good use of the extra flexibility that having a free account such as at WordPress.com doesn’t have, i.e. developing my own web application and writing my own code. Well, at least I don’t have to depend on free image hosts anymore or worry about lots of broken images should they disappear ^^;

It’s also the time to renew my annual subscription which is something I wanted to write about. Since joining Daily.co.uk, their hosting plans have changed yet, they haven’t notified me about it and would have continued charging at the same rate for their older packages if I didn’t check their site and specifically ask to have my subscription updated.

Change in price plans.

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