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Service Price Plan Changes and Customer Notification


Service Price Plan Changes and Customer Notification

It's been a year since I decided to go for paid hosting and I've yet to make good use of the extra flexibility that having a free account such as at Wordpress.com doesn't have, i.e. developing my own web application and writing my own code. Well, at least I don't have to depend on free image hosts anymore or worry about lots of broken images should they disappear ^^;

It's also the time to renew my annual subscription which is something I wanted to write about. Since joining Daily.co.uk, their hosting plans have changed yet, they haven't notified me about it and would have continued charging at the same rate for their older packages if I didn't check their site and specifically ask to have my subscription updated.

Change in price plans.

For their old Home Hosting package, I would have had to pay extra for an SQL database required for sites such as Wordpress blogs but with the updated package, it comes with one for free! I had thought about switching hosts before because there were others that offered a cheaper subscription and a free database but now I don't really need to. Saves the hassle of migrating too.

However, I don't see why companies don't inform their customers about price plan changes. Daily.co.uk isn't the only company I came across that do this. My current ISP, Tiscali also didn't inform me when their broadband package dropped to just half the price of what it was yet, they were still charging me the old price for an old package that offered less over the months.

Tiscali price plans.

When I rang them up and asked them why wasn't I notified and their reply was simply, "You have to let us know if you want to get updated."

I doubt they would say that if the prices went up instead of down. Now I check my subscriptions regularly just to make sure the price plans haven't changed.

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