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Scheduled Host Downtime


Scheduled Host Downtime

My blog's going to have some downtime again only this time, it has nothing to do with used up bandwidth.

My host Daily will be moving its data centre between 10pm, Sunday 3rd May and 7am, Monday 4th May BST so my blog will be inaccessible during that time. Guess I'll just have to prepare my posts offline.

I wonder if they offer any compensation for the business site owners for those 9 hours... Not that many would be shopping online during that time anyway but you never know.


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Xcomp Author

A 9 hour shower, lol... Would you still be recognisable after that long or maybe have passed out? =P

And hopefully have at least one new post for people to read by then ^^;




I hope by the time I come back to read it will be back!!




Hmmm. In that case. I might take a 9 hour shower till you get back online. ......... lol. Just kidding. - You will be missed Xcomp.