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FFVII The Maiden Who Travels The Planet Audiobook

Just a quick note to let the FFVII fans among you know that Joseph Purdy and the community of members from Thelifestream.net has finished one of their fan project audiobook recordings, “The Maiden Who Travels The Planet“. It’s one of the official stories that I translated a number of years ago and takes place after the PS2 RPG but before Advent Children when Aerith is inside The Lifestream, meeting familiar characters and learning of their regrets.

Hop on over to the site to download the approx. 74 min, 85.1MB MP3 file. There’s some talent in there.

Final Fantasy VII On the Way to a Smile Audiobook Project

Been about three months since I finally completed my translation of the official Final Fantasy VII On the Way to a Smile novel but, if you’ve still to read the 264 pages of text, maybe you’ll want to check out TheLifestream.net’s fan based audiobook project that’s underway.

I had a listen to the previews myself and the voice work, sound effects and music mastering are quite well done at this early stage. Not to mention it’s collaborated over the internet which means more effort is needed to deal with the varying recording quality.

I’m not part of the project but it’s still exciting to hear my translations narrated and voice acted – Even though Kazushige Nojima should be the one getting the most credit for writing the stories in the first place ^^;

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On the Way to a Smile Novel Translation Complete

Case of Shinra is now finished which means I have now completed translating the entire 264 page FFVIIOn the Way to a Smile” light novel! Well, apart from the short Lifestream stories that Hitoshura was responsible for.

And so, what is the moral of all those short stories or rather, what was the message Nojima was trying to get across…? It’s probably along the lines of, “If you stay positive you will live a healthy life and be able to overcome anything – It will get you on the way to a smile.”

Actually, things are more easily said than done ^^;

Hope you enjoy the last story in the book, FFVII fans!

All FFVII stories translated.

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Case of Yuffie Translation Completed, Site Revamp and Thoughts

In “Case of Yuffie“, Yuffie makes her way back to Wutai after separating with the others and was very excited about the welcoming party she was expecting to receive. However, things don’t quite turn out that way as she learns the damage the Lifestream has caused around her home and is warned to keep what she has been involved in a secret for her own good…

Case of Yuffie

As with last time, please follow the guidelines if you wish to make a correction or point out any areas requiring clarification in my translation.

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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete OST Announced

Et voilà. Square-Enix is indeed releasing a separate OST for their recent FFVII Advent Children Complete movie, dubbing it “Reunion Tracks”. Besides all the remix sound tracks featured in the movie such as “Anxious Heart“, the US$26 OST due on September 16th will also include bonus tracks from the animated version of On the Way to a Smile, Case of Denzel.

Don’t think I’ll be getting this because there’s not enough difference between this and the first OST…

FFVII Advent Children Complete OST