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AMP3 Player’s Surprise Santa Sack 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Readers! Up to anything this year?

Me, just some quality gaming time. As I mentioned before, I haven’t really had any time to game since starting full time work so these days it takes me a lot longer to finish a single game which is why you don’t see any reviews any more. However, it’s not a bad thing because it’s only now that I’m busy, I can appreciate these holidays and the weekends.

Anyway, I digress.

It’s that time of year again and I decided to try another “lucky bag” Surprise Santa Sack from AdvancedMP3Players.com – The kind that is supposed to be filled with random goods that adds up to more than what you pay.

Looks like they changed the bag this year and was offering bumper bags that let you know what was in them. I was actually considering against buying the original again because of the junk I got last year.

However, I gave it another go in the end and had a little pleasant surprise when I opened it.

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Advanced MP3 Player’s Surprise Santa Sack

Was browsing around looking for a new DAP because my current one’s built-in battery is wearing down to only 2 hours. Then I found this – A “Santa Sack” filled with random goodies from Advanced MP3 Players‘ shop for £5 ( £7 including P&P).

It’s kind of like paying for a raffle ticket really and in this case, you have a chance to win a DAP, pair of speakers and earphones if you’re lucky enough. I thought I buy one just for fun since it’s Christmas and see what’s inside…





AMP3's Santa Sack

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Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas 2009 | メリークリスマス2009 | 聖誕快樂!2009年

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas readers!

We’ve had snow for the past few days here so it’s going to be a white Christmas this year – Not that uncommon to be honest but still nice with all the warm festive red colours inside while it’s cold fluffy snow everywhere else outside.

Time for me to go hibernate until the new year begins, lol.


ここは何日の雪があって今年もホワイトクリマスがあります そんな珍しくないだけど部屋の中には暖かくてクリスマス飾りの色がどこでもあり外にはふわふわの雪が一杯でいいね。



這裏己下了幾日雪所以今年有個白色聖誕 – 雖然不是罕有但在暖暖充滿聖誕色彩的內室,還有外面軟腍腍的雪,感覺上的氣氛不錯。


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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A Stroll Around Glasgow, Christmas 2008

Decided to take some photos of the Christmas festivities while out in town. Most of the ones you find here were taken over the weekend but because some of them didn’t turn out so well, I had to use others I took earlier in the month.

Where could this be?

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