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Your Name Art Book Review

There has been an artbook released for every Makoto Shinkai movie so far and Your Name is no exemption – not surprising considering its run away success and that it got a special “Collectors Edition“.

Unlike the visual guide book, it does not contain concept art or storyboards but the format is no different, once again in B6 paper back size.

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Persona 5 Official Design Works Artbook Review

Some more notes translated about the Protanonist (“Akira” in the Manga) and Ryuji added.

Prima Games book has also been released and according the Reddit thread it’s actually not missing that much despite the lower page count. Some items were moved around and layout changed as I predicted so, content is still there, just smaller. What is missing are the interview (which you can find here), game assets such as icons and the storyboarding for the opening.

– Added translation of the interview.

2016.04.04 Note
Day Persona 5 officially gets released in West! A book has also appeared on Amazon US called “The Art of Persona 5” by Prima Games which might be a localised version of this book so you might want to hold out until June 27th. However, it’s thinner at only 432 pages so we’ll have to wait and see…

2016.06.27 Note
Prima Games version of the artbook delayed until September 26th.

Persona 5 Official Design Works is one big heavy artbook… Probably the biggest I’ve seen at 512 A4 pages, 1.6kg. It reminds me of the the free telephone directories that are distributed to homes in the UK but, the paper and print quality’s much better of course. Shows how much thought went into the game and why it’s oozing with quality, enough to play through a second time to platinum it.

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Makoto Shinkai Walker Book

Makoto Shinkai Walker Book

It’s been a while since Makoto Shinkai released his first art book, “A Sky Longing for Memories” (which you can get an English copy of by Vertical Comics). Now he’s released a new one at around the same time as his latest youth movie, “Your Name” and it’s a B2 sized, 160 page book subtitled “Walker: Hikari no Kiseki [Trails of Light]”.

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Steins;Gate Official Materials Artbook, Q&A

I’ve become such a fan of Steins;Gate’s story after playing the game I decided I had to find the “official materials” artbook. Unfortunately, since the book was published for the original Xbox360 game 2 years ago and Huke’s artwork is so popular, it seems to be sold out everywhere.

Fortunately, Amazon JP managed to restock the 2300 Yen (US$29) book and although the EMS postage fees make this book close to £40, I decided to go for it anyway. It turns out to be a great read with a very interesting Q&A section that clarifies some points of the story.

Don’t read on if you haven’t played the game and is still watching the show yet since it contains plenty of visual spoilers! And yes, I know the exposure and white balance is inconsistence in the photos but… They should do for the purpose of this preview ^^;

Steins Gate Artbook - Official Materials

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