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Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom Review

Hanging around Trost.

If you haven’t watched or read the Manga already, Attack on Titan is about how the human race have barricaded themselves within a fortress of walls to keep themselves safe from man eating titans. One day, a colossal sized titan appears breaching one of the walls and catastrophe breaks out as all the smaller titans rush in eating everyone in sight.

It’s not pretty as you can imagine and Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom pretty much re-tells the same story (season one of the Anime) pretty well but with you taking part as the various characters.

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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PSP Coming End of 2010 | モンスターハンターポータブル3rd 2010年末で発売 | Monster Hunter Portable 3 PSP版2010年未出

Now that Monster Hunter Tri has been out for the Wii long enough to reach the West, Capcom reveals the third PSP game will be coming out sometime towards the end of this year 2010.

It looks as if it won’t be simply a port of the Wii version either…

  • The home town of “Yukumo” has a greater Far East atmosphere (mostly Japanese).
  • You can now take two Felynes with you in single player mode.
  • There’s a new monster resembling a bear.
  • New environments.

Seems Capcom’s Group CEO, Kazuo Hirai’s 16 year old son is quite a fan of the game too and has been asking him when a new game was going to come out!

モンスターハンターポータブル3rd PSPは2010年末で発売されるらしい。

Monster Hunter Portable 3 PSP版會在2010年未出。

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Monster Hunter 3 Review

Monster Hunter never had much of a storyline but in the latest title for the Wii, “Monster Hunter Tri (3)” tells of how you arrive at the village of Moga as a hunter, a small village situated between the sea and dense forests. Lately, they’ve been having a lot of earthquakes and think the great sea monster Ragiakuls is responsible.

Monster Hunter Tri


You start off the game very much like any Monster Hunter game by creating your character. Once that’s ready, you’re forced to run through a a few short tutorial quests which I’m not too much of a fan of but in this case, I think it’s fair enough since it’s the new Wii controls. While you can wag the Wiimote about to attack, you’ll be glad to know you can use the buttons to attack and dodge too I’m sure.

The downside about using the Wiimote and nunchuk combo is that you have to slide your hand down to the ‘1’ button to use items and that can be pretty slow in the mist of the hectic battles. It probably would have been better if they let you hold Z and press the up or down button on the d-pad instead. You can also end up swinging your weapon by mistake but fortunately you can turn the Wiimote motion sensor completely off.

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Ys 7 Trailer Released and Limited Edition Announced

Falcom has released a trailer for their latest title in the Ys series and also announced a limited edition. The price of the limited edition will include a drama CD which has a story taking place between Ys VI and Ys VII.

Also, don’t forget the pre-order goodies that includes a teaser booklet about Legend of Heroes VII!

Ys 7 trailer now up.

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Ys I & II Chronicles PSP Remake

Well, we’ve had a remake of Ys I and II for the DS so it shouldn’t be surprising that the PSP will be getting its own version too. Announced together with Ys VII, “Ys I & II Chronicles” will feature the following:

  • Four difficulty levels – Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare
  • Choose PSP or Windows version in-game illustrations.
  • Boss Rush Mode.
  • Choose from the original PC-8801, Windows or PSP music.
  • NPCs’ dialogue changes.

Not sure I would play the titles again just for these features. Unlike Chrono Trigger, the story just isn’t as compelling.

Ys I and II Chronicles