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Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom Review

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Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom Review

Hanging around Trost.

If you haven't watched or read the Manga already, Attack on Titan is about how the human race have barricaded themselves within a fortress of walls to keep themselves safe from man eating titans. One day, a colossal sized titan appears breaching one of the walls and catastrophe breaks out as all the smaller titans rush in eating everyone in sight.

It's not pretty as you can imagine and Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom pretty much re-tells the same story (season one of the Anime) pretty well but with you taking part as the various characters.

Very smooth controls.

Developed by Omega Force which usually do a good job of slash fest games, WoF has some good controls for using the 3D Manoeuvre system that lets you swing around like Spiderman. This is very surprising considering you've got so many ways you can move around but, they managed to make it a very smooth experience. Switching between different parts of a titan before you cut them down to size (literally) is just as simple. Then it's a matter of timing the slash button at the right time and you either take them out when you aim for their neck or, they get dismembered.

Off to help and secure comrades.

You can choose which AI partners to help distract your target as usual in RPGs and with every titan you defeat, you gain materials to strengthen your gear. Then there's your usual limit break attack which in this case, summons a large number of team mates to come attack your target.

Upgrade your gear.

In every battle there are always teams seeking help much like the Dynasty Warrior games and if you successfully help them then it helps stop you from being overrun. The final goal however, pretty much never changes - always one big boss titan to finish off as the timer ticks by.

Not a bad thing as the battles can get very intense.

Re-telling of the Anime very faithful.

Presentation wise it's very gorey as you'd expect from the show or Manga with lots of limbs flying around, people being eaten and lots of blood. Luckily you can turn it off if you don't like seeing that and just want to enjoy the action. Dashing around town and the base looks great. Atmosphere is well reproduced too which is as despairing as the Anime since your comrades keep asking for help but you can't really help them all and there are bound to be deaths. Not to mention the giant titan face staring at you whenever you're caught and are about to get eaten.

At the base.

Wings of Freedom looks great with some intense battles and great atmosphere. Attack on Titan fans who want to see what it feels like to be a cadet fending mankind from titans should really enjoy this. However, anyone looking for a much more in-depth battle system and challenge will probably be disappointed.


  • World of Attack on Titan is well presented.
  • Very smooth controls for fighting titans with.


  • Gets a bit repetitive as with most slash fest games.
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