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Persona Music Live Concert Coming to DVD

Thanks to reader, Elly for this. Missed this because Atlus has yet to confirm it themselves on their Atlus-D online store.

It seems Aniplex will soon be publishing a recording of the Persona Music Live concert onto DVD soon on September 16th, an event that over 1400 people attended in Akasaka Blitz a few months ago! The slightly more expensive first press edition will cost 4410 Yen (US$46) and will include a CD filled with 24 live recordings of Persona music (extracted and converted from the DVD) complete with a sleeve.

According to the Sony Music Shop, the DVD will be 120 mins long, 16:9 aspect ratio and have Linear PCM audio which means it will most likely be 2.0 stereo sound but, I’m sure my sound card can do something about that so I can enjoy surround sound.

The DVD is already available for ordering from Play-Asia.

Persona Live DVD in September

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Persona Pendants During the Dark Hour

Last time I couldn’t really figure out why the pendants had disappeared off the Atlus D Shop but, it looks like you can only order them during the “Dark Hour” at site which is between 00:00 – 01:00 JST. You’ll know it’s that time when the banner and background’s gone dark so drop on by for a closer look at the 92.5% real silver pendants if you’re interested. It states they’re P4 related but I think they can be used for any Persona title.

They’re not cheap either mind you… Especially with the current economic climate and the low exchange rates.

Persona Pendants

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Persona 3 The Pachinko Machine

Taiyo Elec is due to release a Persona 3 themed Pachinko machine this month which is basically a cross between pinball and a slot machine.

What makes this machine special? Well, it sports the following…

  • 17 inch display with real time 3D graphics reproducing scenes from Atlus’ hit “Persona 3“.
  • Original voice cast bringing the excitement of the game and its world setting.
  • A whole new theme song “Owaranai Yoru” from Atlus exclusive for the Panchiko machine.
  • Kizuna System“, the more you hit the targets the stronger your bond grows with the characters.

P3 Pachinko

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The Persona Music Campaign

Aniplex is having a “Persona Music Campaign” giving Persona fans a chance to buy all the P3 and P4 soundtracks together as a package. The package includes a deluxe box to keep them all in as well as two alternative covers to decorate the box with and one clear card.

The catch is, different online vendors offer different designs.

Persona Music Deluxe Box

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