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Random Images from Neta Michelin

Decided to give Neta Michelin a look after seeing the mix of weird and funny images posted at Some are obviously “photoshopped”.

Contradicting sign here, eh? Would have been better if they changed the word order but, couldn’t they have chosen a better word than “average”? Pity I don’t see signs like this over here!

“Eat and be amazed! Your average Udon and Soba noodles.” – Wha? (;´д`)

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Legend of Heroes VI: Sora no Kiseki The 3rd Finally Pre-Ordered

After e-mailing Falcom’s sales department for a few days, they’ve finally sent me back a confirmation e-mail. Usually they reply the next day but since the last Ys Origin order, they’ve been slow to reply for some reason. I noticed the e-mail address for international orders have changed. It covers both sales and support now which makes me wonder if they’re planning to stop taking orders from overseas or they’re just short of staff. Hope it’s just the latter.

In any case I should have the goodies by Friday or Saturday if EMS is as quick as the time I ordered the “Legend of Heroes VI Complete Edition”. I also ordered the free Ys Origin Extra Disc which should fit nicely into the extra CD slot in the Ys Origin case. Good thing they always use big double disc cases, I guess!

Can’t wait to play the game to see how the story continues into Legend of Heroes VII! Hope it has the full OP song in it too!

Falcom June Wallpaper

Etrian Odyssey, A Hilarious Music Video About FOEs

So, Atlus’ classic dungeon crawling RPG “Sekaiju no Meikyuu” has finally reached Western shores on Tuesday as “Etrian Odyssey”. While I was trailing through my usual list of gaming news sites, I came across this hilarious fanmade IOSYS video about the FOEs in the game! You’ll have to have played the game to understand the joke!

Etrian Odyssey FOE Parody

It’s actually a PV for Iosys’ fanfic “Sekaiju no Omocha Hako” soundtrack CD. There’s quite a lot of copies of the video on Youtube but you can view the original quality Flash version here. Those of you who know about 2ch will recognise the ASCII art influence.

And the full translated lyrics goes…

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