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Happy New Year! Hope You’re All Enjoying Your Break!

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Happy New Year! Hope You’re All Enjoying Your Break!

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Happy New Year!

Yes, "Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!" Hope you all had fun counting down to the new year last night (if you're in the West!) Over here, we had winds blowing over 70mph with rain to go with it so the celebrations in town had to be cancelled for safety reasons.

Meanwhile my Japanese penpals have been visiting the shrines over in Japan and enjoying their new year break. Most people are off until the end of this week so don't expect much gaming news from the "Land of the Rising Sun" for the next few days.

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Ys Origin - Yunica, Hugo, Twin Goddesses and The Claw at the shrine.

Another thing is that I'm going to be away from home for the rest of this month so I'm not going to have access to my PC for a while. If you don't see anything being posted over the next week then most likely updates will resume in early February.

Until then, enjoy these new year wallpapers from Falcom!

Wall 3
Legend of Heroes VI - Tita, Klose and Agate at their new year party.

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Xanadu Next - Shal in her Furisode (long sleeved Kimono).

Wall 5
The Gurumin playing cards.

Wall 6
Ys Origin - Twins enjoying Mochi and the others playing Hanetsuki outside.

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