More Trauma Team Trailer Extravaganza

Hmmm, I think Atlus used this trailer teasing marketing strategy before… Can’t remember for which game though.

In any case, the game developer has been releasing a new trailer everyday in collaboration with Famitsu, each trailer featuring one of the six doctors from their upcoming Trauma Team game. So we now have (from left to right)…

  • Maria Torres – Paramedic
  • Gabriel Cunningham – Diagnosis
  • Naomi Kimishima – Forensics
  • CR-S01 – Surgeon
  • Tomoe Tachibana – Endoscopy
  • Hank Freebird – Orthopedics

No gameplay, just cutscene footage but still interesting to watch. You can read the full character profiles and view actual gameplay on the NA website or visit the Japanese site to listen to the English vocal theme song.

Theme song doesn’t sound too good but the BGM on the other hand seems to be in the same style as previous titles. Well, I guess it is by the co-composer Atsushi Kitajoh of New Blood after all.

So we’ve had “GUILT” and “SIN” as the fictional deadly diseases so far so what will it be this time I wonder…? “PRIDE”? “GREED”? I don’t see anything on the NA website about the story apart from what little I can gather from the character profiles.

Had a look at some of the screenshots and the icons on the navigation screens remind me of Persona 3 Portable… I think this will replace the old “ball on a triangle” cursor they used to have now.

Still can’t say I like the new presentation but six different powers and medical fields to play through sounds just like the change they need in the series after using fairly much the same material for four games in a row. Should be fun!

Now when are we going to get a European release date for Under The Knife 2?

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