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Takt Op. Destiny (2022, Mappa/Madhouse)

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Takt Op. Destiny (2022, Mappa/Madhouse)


Worth A Watch

It's been 20 years since a meteorite known as "Black Night Siderite" landed on Earth and the world fended off an attack from the beings now manifested known as "D2s". Music has been banned since then as it seems to attract them. One day while the talented pianist Takt finally decided to leave the gloom of his garage to perform publicly with his cheery, energetic childhood friend Cosette, they are attacked. Cosette is killed but her pendant suddenly brings her back to life.

Takt loses his arm and Cosette has no memories of her past self, only that she was now the Musicart "Destiny" out to eliminate D2s. Takt is given the power of a "Conductor" to serve as her energy as she does battle. Now Takt and Cosette's sister Anna must make their way to New York where a branch of Symphonica, the organisation formed to keep the D2 at bay and who created Musicarts, in the hopes of returning Cosette back to the way she was.

This is part of a collaboration project with Mappa, Madhouse and Bandai Namco where the video game studio also have a mobile game in the works at the time of writing.

It's a fun comedy action show with your usual trope. Takt trying to cope with the robot-like single-minded Destiny are fun to watch now that she's more like a emotionless robot trying to become human. The other Musicarts are cute and cheery to watch too, not that you'll meet most of them but they'll obviously become part of the gacha game.

Sadly the world setup and direction isn't so great. Very familiar gloomy hero with a cheery love interest, warming you up to the characters and then tragedy happens approach. It wraps up like a video game although that said, it is again supposed to be a intro to their upcoming game.

Art is great. Backgrounds by Studio Easter are just eye candy and even the food art looks delicious too. Even Heinz makes a parody appearance. 3D blends in well and you hardly notice it until the characters have some stiff animation. With Mappa behind the animation, you won't be surprised the choreography and fight scenes are intense.

Music is another great aspect of the show and probably shouldn't be surprising when it's centred around it. A lot of orchestral tracks, sometimes the odd classical piece.

Best just watch it for the eye-candy and the familiar action comedy.

Takt Op Destiny


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