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Bubble (2022, Wit Studio)

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Bubble (2022, Wit Studio)


Worth A Watch

Bubbles suddenly appeared around the world but despite disappearing shortly after in the rest of the world, the bubbles remained in Tokyo. The city was soon engulfed in a giant bubble and the bubbles inside burst, flooding the city, gravity anomalies occurr and vortexes appear. Now five years later a no entry zone, only orphans who lost their family during the incident have moved inside, challenging each other's teams to a game of "Battlekour"; a game of capture the opposition's flag through parkour with their own goods at stake such as food.

Loner Hibiki of the Blue Blazes is the only known resident that could use bubbles to jump around. One day while hearing sounds from Tokyo Tower, he dashes his way there and almost gets sucked into the black hole there. Fortunately a strange girl saves him who he later names "Uta" because she sung a lot. And so, she slowly starts to adapt to the human world, always staying close to her "prince". Only she slowly reverts to her bubble form whenever she touches her prince.

It was fairly much the eye candy that caught my interest on this one.

First thought when I saw the post-apocalypse scene of flooded Tokyo was, must be a sequel to Weathering with You. A Netflix original with your usual trope of characters. I'm not quite a fan of the parkour sequences but it's a fairly cute fun comedy. Uta is your brainless cute girl a lot of comedy titles usually have and it's interesting the main characters have names associated with sound; "uta" being song and "hibiki" being echoes.

Aesthetics look great but I can't help laugh at the beautified character faces the movie does sometimes. You can see the action scenes really flow like a Wit Studio show like Attack on Titan or King's Ranking. The director Tetsuro Araki actually directed the AoT series

It's not a bad action romance movie. Just the Little Mermaid with parkour and aliens mix felt a little bizarre.



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