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Short Films Theatre: Modest Heroes (2018, Studio Ponoc)

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Short Films Theatre: Modest Heroes (2018, Studio Ponoc)

Chiisana Eiyuu Kani to Tamgo to Toumei Ningen

Worth A Watch

Chiisana Eiyuu

Kani-ni and Kani-no

Kani-ni and Kani-no of the crab tiny people tribe are living with their father. One day while Kani-no ventures out to look for their mother during a storm their father gets swept away while rescuing her. Together, they decide to brave the wilderness in search of their father.

Samurai Egg (Life Ain't Gonna Lose)

We see how little Shun and his mother live through life with his food allergy in modern day Tokyo, constantly on the lookout for life-threatening food.


An invisible man tries to live a modest life but soon begins to wonder if there was a point when no one can see or interact with him.

First short has no dialogue at all. It's predictable but they manage to cram a little bit of family drama into a single 20 minute episode. Fishes look menacing amongst the tiny heroes.

Second short gave more Ghibli vibes along the classics like Totoro and kind of makes you empathise with those who do have food allergies.

Third again almost has no dialogue and has a more sci-fi feeling to it but overall I think I enjoyed the second more because it was set in the modern day world.

Music's nice, animation smooth. It feels like they're experimenting with different art styles.

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