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Shadows House (2021, Cloverworks)

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Shadows House (2021, Cloverworks)


Cheery, positive Emilico is the latest Living Doll to awaken to serve the Shadows Family. Her Shadow Master was Kate. Every day Emilico would wake up and clean the soot released overnight by her master. As the time passes, Kate and Emilico becomes closer. Emilico is also granted access to more the Shadows House where she meets other Shadow Masters and Living Dolls.

Living Dolls were supposedly created to look like humans to serve their masters but Emilico starts to question their role as do the other dolls she meets.

Emilico's cheery personality is a stark constrast to the Shadows House. It starts off like another cute girls doing silly things comedy (or dark comedy even) but it doesn't take long before the mysteries start to kick in casting a dark shadow over those tiny glimmers of light. Shadow Kate is clearly different and has your familiar odd one out kind of character so that becomes a mystery in itself as she treats Emilico differently than the other Shadow Masters do with their "dolls" or Faces.

It can get quite nasty despite the cheery cuteness of the characters but there are more scenes of the latter thankfully.

It's quite satisfying to watch the Living Dolls grow as they overcome the hardships the Shadow House throws at them and wondering how the world came to the way it is. There's always a little surprise despite the some of the seemingly archetype characters.

The art and animation looks better than Cloverwork's usual quality. The use of 3D feels more natural compared to older shows. S1's ending was really well stylised. Kind of impressive the voice actors did dual roles, voicing both their Shadow and their Faces.

I think it's got the right balance of action, comedy and mystery. It manages to build up the world setting and characters simultaneously.

If you like dark fantasy and enjoyed Promised Neverland you'll most likely enjoy this.

S1 is mostly a comedy, a decent wrap-up to it bringing every one together and probably just an intro to the villain.

S2 has some fun action scenes with the vacuum cleaner but Kate is in the spotlight instad of Emilico now and more mystery focused, serious tone.

Be interesting how this picks up.

Shadows House


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