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Made In Abyss (2017, Kinema Citrus)

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Made In Abyss (2017, Kinema Citrus)


Don't let the cute character designs fool you. This show has a great world setting and can be very cruel at times. Gorey too. Many people have been attracted to a giant crater known as the "Abyss", seeking mysterious and valuable Relics. However, not many make it to the bottom due to the curses it holds. Depending on how deep someone goes, they can never make it back up. Only the prestigious White Whistles who possess the power of relics manage to make it that far.

Young Riko aspires to become a cave raider so that she can find her missing mother, a famous White Whistle who hasn't returned from the bottom of the Abyss. One day she meets Regu who looks like a robot and with his memories lost, he seeks to learn who he is one day. Together they decide to sneak out and make their descent down.

With only 12 episodes, the pacing is really well-done and it's captivating watching Riko and Regu support one another as they journey down the depths. While a show like Madoka Magica the situation slowly deteriorated for the characters, Made In Abyss doesn't hold back the punches. It's a ruthless show which is a big contrast to its cute character designs. Maybe that's one reason why you really feel bad when something happens.

It doesn't shy away from sexuality too. While most Anime focus on the females, we have Riko being overly curious about Reg's male differences.

As a bit of trivia, the giantess Ozen happens to be the same voice actress as Magaret from Persona 4, Sayaka Ohara. It's a great combination of action and comedy. It was a compelling show to watch and if this was a top selling book I'd probably call it a real page turner.

Two recap movies were made afterwards while the third "Dawn of The Deep Soul" picks up from the series as the three friends continue to descend through the Abyss. They meet the brutal scientists that caused Nanachi and her friend so much suffering but it was the only way for them to continue to the next layer. You don't want to watch it while eating. Prashka's a good girl.

Second season kicks off dark and for a moment I thought I was watching a prequel but we eventually get whisked back to the present.

World design still looks beautifully alien which is great for their grand adventure. The opening fairly much hints a cruel parting is ahead as with previous arcs. The show's flashbacks shuffle between the past and present, suggesting they're re-tracing the path of their predecessors who first discovered the Abyss and its Golden City.

It's interesting watching them navigate the new foreign layer. The Abyss already had some great world design but instead of just discovering new creatures and flora, we see a more literal side too as Riko and her companions have to figure out to communicate with a language they don't understand. Tensions is higher too now that they no longer have a guide.

You know the drill, the nicer it all looks the harder it all falls apart later for our little expedition team. Seems every arc the author likes to sacrifice a character but not by heroic death. The show is as brutal and gruesome as ever; especially the second half. but it manages to lighten the mood with our little new cave raiders. You could think of those Ghibli fantasy action movies that have cute creatures but are still full of gore.

I ended up watching through half the season in one sitting so it's good in that sense. Looking forward to a S3.

Made in Abyss

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